Wednesday, June 18, 2008

J.Crew Schmay-Crew

I couldn't help but share this with you guys. It's based on an email I sent to my sister-in-law yesterday to share the results of a recent J.Crew online order.

Now, this was my very first time ordering from J.Crew and I was quite excited about trying on my dresses! I've been searching for a dress to wear to my sister-in-law's wedding in September. I had ordered 4 dresses (as well as a two-piece tankini) and was SO happy the order had finally arrived!

Until I tried it all on. Boo.

Up first? The Whitney Silk Faille dress. I liked this one the best. My only problem? It squashed the crap out of my boobs. Sure, it was slimming and a perfect length. I liked the pink color okay. But where'd my boobs go?

Next up, the Strappy Florence dress. It may as well have said in the dress' description "adds extra badonkey-donk-donk, doubles your existing tummy and overall adds an illustrious 60 lbs. you didn't have before!" Quite unnecessary!

The Silk Chiffon Abigail dress. I got this one in a "fresh aloe" color that really should've been listed as "pukey pea green" (it's not available in that color anymore so I'm showing the kelly green). I couldn't get past the color. Sigh.

The Strapless Pique dress was last. This wasn't really an option for the wedding--more of just something to wear during the summer or to the beach. But again with the boob squashing! Overall it was just NOT flattering on me at all. So sad.

The two-piece tankini I ordered isn't even worth mentioning. Let's just say it was not a pretty sight.

The only bright spot happened before I got home to my J.Crew order. I was out shopping and bought some fabulous curvy black dress pants from Gap. They're breathtaking!

Ugh. STILL am in SERIOUS need of a new swimsuit. It's so sad that I'm still wearing one from before LO came along! Sigh...

Swim 1-2-3!

I came across this video today on YouTube while trying to find some tips on teaching LO to swim. She's 11 months old and has been to the pool several times already. She really enjoys it! I absolutely love to swim and I want her to enjoy it, too! But I am SO scared at the thought of a drowning accident. So I'm hoping to find a way to help her learn early to enjoy the water and not to fear it.

I'll probably give this technique a try at the pool on Friday and see how she does. Should be interesting!

On a related note, I am in serious need of a new swimsuit. Probably of the Tankini variety. Any suggestions?