Friday, June 27, 2008

They Have Arrived!

Yippee!!! My bean bag sample swatches arrived today! I still really like the pink gingham since it matches LO's room, but the sample seems to be a very lightweight fabric and I'm a bit concerned about how well it will hold up. I mean, these things come with an unbelievable 10-year warranty! And the cover will be completely removable and washable, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much. I really only liked one of the other samples I ordered--a tan microfiber velvet. It's so soft and neutral so it goes with everything! Maybe I'll get one of each so LO will have hers and Mommy can have one, too! :)

So now I guess it's a matter of deciding what size to get. We originally thought about the 27" size, but then we thought it'd be better to get a larger one that she can "grow into" a bit since we plan to have it for awhile. They have a 32" and a 37" that we're debating over now. I'm seriously thinking we might need to get two of them... they look really nice!

Guess I'd better go consult hubs!


Hi, all! I just wanted to publish a quick post to apologize for being such a slacker! It's like I started blogging a few weeks ago with gusto, but then suddenly, my posts have diminished to barely one per day. That's just not right! There's waaaaayy too much going on to settle for one measly post a day! But in all seriousness, I've been working my bum off on a video presentation for my church following our VBS program earlier this week. It's got to be ready for the service Sunday morning and it was my first "real" project in iMovie '08 so I was quite stressed about it! But luckily I've got it wrapped up and ready to go!

Of course, in the meantime, I need to be practicing for the "Celebrate America" portion of the service on Sunday. Can't remember if I mentioned on here or not, but I play the piano and accompany the praise & worship music and choral specials at my awesome church. Oh, and we've got a Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser tomorrow morning from 7 to 11 AM that I'll be volunteering at. And let's not forget tonight's "Girls' Night In" I'm hosting here at the house for some of my most favorite girlie friends. Junk food, gossip (of sorts) and plenty of Dutch Blitz, a "Vonderful Goot Game!" It doesn't get any better than that!

Next week I'll be focusing on the wall gallery I'm creating in the living room that I must have finished before LO's 1st birthday next month. I'll be posting more about that one for you guys very soon! Until then, please forgive me for my lack of exciting and interesting posts!