Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Find

My goodness the Internet can be a dangerous place! Especially when you have a love for online shopping like I do! Check out my latest find: Flower Mary Jane Pistachio shoes from MamaOm.

Could they BE any cuter? Granted, LO has absolutely nothing to wear with these adorable shoes. But I'm thinking I'd throw her in a white tee with a denim skirt just so I can pop on these babies for a splash of color! You're never too young to make a statement, ya know?

Oh, and if that wasn't enough (along with at least half a dozen other pairs of adorable shoes), they also offer matching "Mommy & Me" bikinis for beach time, pool time, or whatever. I figure this season is almost over, and there's a slight chance that next season I might be "with child," (DISCLAIMER: just a slight chance, don't read too much into that, no there's nothing to celebrate right now, and no we're not attempting a little bro or sis for LO--we're currently still in negotiations, don't ask, the end.). SO... maybe I'll just bookmark the site and head back once I find myself in a bikini-worthy body (NOTE: that may actually be "never").

Good times!