Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Little Pumpkin

As you probably know, Chase will be arriving the week of Oct. 26th. That means he'll be in the hospital for his first Halloween. Not one to let one of my child's first holidays pass by, I purchased him a little something this morning:

You probably also know he'll only be able to wear hats and socks (and diapers, of couse), so this is the extent of his first Halloween costume. ;)

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Shopping with LO

This is technically another iPhone test, this time to upload a photo from my phone. This was taken the other day at the grocery store. For whatever reason, LO wanted to ride in the bottom of the little cart. Crazy girl!!

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More Wonder Pets, Mom!

I'm trying out the blogging capabilities of my awesome iPhone, and wanted to see how easy it would be to post a short video clip I captured on my phone. This was LO the other night when a second episode of Wonder Pets came on. I always thinks it's hilarious when she calls me "mom." :)

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