Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making Progress

It's Wednesday... FIVE DAYS until Chase's arrival! I had an OB appointment this morning and turns out I'm already 2 cm dilated! Ack!! I was expecting the doctor to tell me there was ZERO PROGRESS towards labor, so imagine my surprise! I'm pretty sure it took a hefty dose of Pitocin and about 6 hours of contractions for me to get to 2 cm with LO! I'm very encouraged that perhaps Chase will make his entrance in a much less dramatic way than LO did! We still have 5 days to go, so maybe there's a tiny chance my labor will progress naturally! Either way, I'm sure that my body is much more ready for this delivery since it's my second time around. Woot!

So I do have to complain about one thing... As much as I adore my iPhone, I'm totally bummed about my AT&T cell coverage here in our rental house. Apparently this place is built like a bunker with cinder block walls, resulting in NO SERVICE throughout a majority of the house -- most specifically our bedroom and living room. This is a HUGE DEAL to me! Fast-forward about 2 weeks: Chase is still in the PCICU recovering from his open-heart surgery. Hubs manages to pull me away from the hospital long enough to come home for a few hours of sleep. For some reason the hospital needs to reach us, and they call both of our cell phones and THE CALLS DON'T GO THROUGH! I can't even imagine! I'm very freaked out about this. I went to the AT&T store and supposedly we're in a "good" coverage area, but since the house is apparently Ft. Knox AND it's located near the water, the signal strength isn't that good. I'm really at a loss regarding what to do about this. Anyone have any suggestions???