Friday, November 6, 2009


Check this out! I got to see my boy alert and awake for a brief period this afternoon!!!

Chase had a really wonderful day today! He had his first CPAP trial this evening at 4:00 PM and did a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It was supposed to last for 30 minutes but he ended up going for 40 minutes. His blood gas afterward looked fantastic! The respiratory therapist that did the CPAP told me that he didn't see any reason Chase wouldn't be extubated by NOON TOMORROW!!! Of course he still has another trial tonight at 9:30 PM and again at 3:30 AM, but my hope and prayer is he'll sail through those trials as well and be totally ready to lose that breathing tube tomorrow! WOOT!!!

Please be praying that our little Rock Star will continue to impress us with his incredible recovery. God gets all of the credit here! He made my boy into quite the little stubborn fighter and I couldn't be more grateful!

Cutie Pie!

My boy is still quite the little champ! He had another great night last night and we couldn't be more pleased with his progress! When I came in today I was VERY excited to see they removed the cerebral oximeter from his forehead so I can see more of his handsomeness! That durn thing was so big and bulky and looked terribly uncomfortable so I was ecstatic to see it was gone! Check out his cuteness in the short clip below.

So we've successfully gotten off the morphine drip and the next one to go will be the dopamine once Chase is ready. I'm really happy that we'll CPAP this afternoon at 3:30 pm, which basically means they'll turn off his ventilator (which, by the way, is already on it's lowest setting!) for 30 minutes and let him breathe on his own. There's still a slight push of air helping him, but basically this is going to test his ability to breathe on his own. They'll do it again at 9:30 pm and possibly again another 6 hours later. It all depends on how he responds as to how many times they'll do it. Please pray that he will continue to be a little rock star and handle breathing on his own well. There's a good chance he will be extubated tomorrow afternoon if all goes well! That is my prayer -- I am desperate to see ALL of his handsome face again! And I think there's a good chance I'll be able to hold him soon, too! Woot!!!

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