Friday, November 27, 2009


My little monkey has the hiccups!

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Feeding Success!

Chase has had an awesome few days! He took his first bottle feed Wednesday evening and did fantastic! We did more bottle feeds on Thanksgiving at 9am, 3pm and 9pm. Then today we did 3am and 9am. Basically we've been doing every other feed with a bottle and the others through his ng tube. Well, this morning at his 9am feed he kicked butt and downed 105 ccs (just over 3 oz) so we were given the go ahead to give him ALL bottle feeds and NO ng tube feeds!! Woot!!! AND they are basically letting me be in charge of his schedule, feeding him when he's showing signs of hunger rather than adhering to the "every 3 hours" rule around here. So it's like I finally get to care for him as his MOM!! It only took 32 days to get here!

The added bonus of course is that if he keeps up the great work, the ng tube comes out later this afternoon!!! WOOT!!! We are definitely making progress to get ourselves out the door sooner than later!

We are so very thankful for how God has chosen to work in Chase's life! We know His plans are perfect and He has some great things in store for our baby boy. I continue to be humbled that He has brought Chase through this journey so well up to this point. We are forever grateful to our Lord and Savior for seeing us through the hardest time in our lives and for blessing us with our sweet little Rock Star!!

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