Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Pics & Videos

Well, I had good intentions of sharing lots of recent pics and a video or two of the kids. It was gonna be an awesome post, in order by date so it would be all logical and such. Unfortunately, durn Blogger only lets you upload FIVE pictures at a time, and it posts them in such a random order. Usually I "fix" this by moving all of the images around (usually by editing the HTML) but I guess I just don't have the time or energy so I'm gonna go with whatever Blogger gave me. So, here we go!

I took this the other day when I let LO wear Dora "big girl panties" (a.k.a. Pampers Easy Ups). Can you tell she was excited?? And yes, this is what her hair typically looks like these days. I see no reason to "do" her hair when we stay home All. Day. Long. Every. Single. Day.

The other day playing outside while it was nice out. I had Chase's "Rock Star" hat on him, but it got turned around and somehow managed to slip off his head almost altogether. It looked pretty silly with his crazy striped pj's.

Awwww! Chase fell asleep in my arms and I needed to put him down for a few minutes to do something. I saw LO's beanbag sitting there unoccupied so I nestled him in there. It swallowed him up and made him look so tiny!

Ah, yes. The one where we finally got the family out of the house. Here's LO looking super-excited at the dinner table at Red Robin. She was so happy to be out of the house. She of course stood up and danced a jig at one point during the night. I think that clip should show up on here somewhere.

I'm not sure there are words for this one. I bought her a Disney Princess headband ribbon thingy for Christmas, but now that I think about it, I never actually showed her how to use it... Hmmm... I guess a lesson's in order, huh?

One of my new faves of Chase. This was when we were outside one of the "warm" days we had last week. He's such a precious little angel and I love him to pieces! SOOOOO glad he's mine!!!

LO was playing outside with a ball when a neighbor came by walking his dog (this loud, obnoxious dog lives down the street from us and yaps persistently throughout the day AND night). She let him play with her ball and he went ALL FOR it, which slightly took her by surprise!

Here she is offering the ball up for play.

Another cute one of Chase while we were hanging out outside. Just wanna eat up those cheeks!

A new favorite pic of LO. I actually DID do her hair that day, but we went outside to play after her nap, which is why it ended up destroyed. Plus she was running around outside a bit. I just love the pure expression on her face!

Can you guess what she's thinking in this pic? I'm pretty sure I just told her "no" to something and she was preparing her argument.

A cute one of LO just after she kicked the ball!

This was her getting ready to kick the ball. Ya know, I really could take the time to put these in logical order, but I don't want to ruin all the fun now!

Chase chillin' on his big sister's beanbag. I'm guessing we'll be buying our little guy one of these for his 1st birthday, just as we did for LO.

Another pic of the beanbag, this time showing a bit more of how he looks all swallowed up in there!

All smiles after a diaper change!

Tummy time, working on those neck and shoulder muscles!

Enjoying his rainforest playmat.

Laughing like crazy with my favorite -- the big, open-mouth grin!

Here's a little video gem of Chase from the other night. Daddy was tickling him, trying to get him to laugh. He makes a face about half-way through it that cracks me up!!! You can tell he was surprised and that Daddy got him good!

This is the little video of LO dancing at Red Robin the other night. Man, was she ever happy to be out of the house!!!

This is a really short clip of Chase crying. I don't know for sure why I recorded him crying, but I am sure that it only took a few seconds before I felt bad, turned off the iPhone camera and got the poor boy his paci!

One last video of Chase. Daddy's at it again, tickling him after a diaper change, trying to get him to laugh and coo. Doesn't his scar look great?

Overdue Update

Well, in case it isn't apparent, hubs has been going back to work (in the office) for the past week or two. I say this only because finding time to post updates on my blog? Not happening. So sorry! I've seen several friends and family members over the past few days who have asked me how things are going with Chase, his feedings, etc., and I thought it was weird because I never get those questions! Except when I'm not updating the blog and keeping people posted, I guess! So finally today the stars aligned just so and I'm able to take a few minutes to let everybody know what we've been up to.

Chase is doing fantastic, of course! He's been nursing exclusively for the past week and has handled it so well! He can take breastmilk in a bottle with NO THICKENER finally!!! He hasn't been spitting up hardly at all, which is a huge blessing! It seems like he has growth spurts every now and then, but I think it might just be that I'm having a problem keeping up my milk supply to meet his crazy demand! I spoke with a Lactation Consultant at MUSC today and she told me I can't take any medications or herbs that increase milk supply because they've been shown to cause heart issues and aren't recommended for heart babies. She basically said to feed on demand for 3-5 days and that should increase my supply, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I basically already did that for a few days and it was exhausting (feeding every TWO HOURS) and I didn't notice any change in my supply. But I'm willing to do it again because it's what's best for Chase and ultimately, it's so much easier for me to nurse him than to worry about formula or heating bottles. So please say a little prayer that somehow my supply will figure out how to keep up with Chase's demand. On an encouraging note, the LC told me she was very impressed and somewhat surprised that I was able to get Chase to nurse exclusively after he had been on feeding tubes and bottles for his first 10 weeks of life. She said she's been doing her job for 20 years and she's almost never heard of someone able to do that, especially considering Chase's additional health issues we've had to deal with. And the fact that I'm still so committed to nursing exclusively while dealing with a thrush infection and mastitis? Apparently I get a gold star or something. But I will say it was hard for me to hear that she more or less said it was okay to "give up" on nursing exclusively and go ahead and start supplementing with formula if the feeding on demand for a few days doesn't work. Basically there's nothing more I can do. It's so frustrating, especially because I've already been in this same position with LO. Apparently my body just isn't on board with producing enough breastmilk to feed my babies. Go figure. Ugh.

LO is still hanging in there. I took her to lunch with my mom and sisters on Monday and she was beside herself ecstatic to be out of the house, out in public, and spending time with people she loves. She had such a great time and literally there were moments of what seemed to be uncontrollable glee that she just couldn't contain. We really need to get that girl out more often! We had a few nice days here so we were able to play outside for a bit, but the rain and cold are back today! Also, I'm *this close* to jumping in with both feet to start potty training. The only problem is I have NO IDEA how to start or what method to use or how to do it. LO isn't showing a ton of signs for readiness, but she's 2 1/2 and I think it's time. I think if I'm all up in her face every 10 minutes to go sit on the potty, eventually it will come to her. I'm completely and totally open to suggestions, opinions, things that worked for your kids, etc... Please, HELP!!!

Hubs and I are doing very well (usually). He's back in the office, which leaves me at home with the kids (and gives us the opportunity to miss each other instead of being under each others' feet 24/7). This is exactly what I've always wanted, but nobody told me how hard it would be to go from ONE child to TWO children. Schedules are out the window! Oh, and the rule of "you sleep with the baby sleeps" that you follow with the first baby, totally does NOT work with the second baby. Such a learning curve to deal with right now! Crazy! But I'm finding ways to get out of the house every now and then (to keep myself sane) and am figuring out how to manage to take care of the kids, cook dinner and find time to clean the house. It's just taking a lot longer than I expected!

So overall things are going great here! Chase has a cardiology appointment tomorrow, and we're praying and hoping for continued good news. We're very grateful for all of you who follow our crazy life and who continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We know Chase will have his first heart cath on March 29th and most likely will have his 2nd heart surgery in April or May. We're not looking forward to getting back on the rollercoaster, but we pray Chase recovers as well with this one as he did with his first surgery, and that we'll FINALLY be able to introduce him to family and friends and get him out of this house!!!! :)

P.S. I have some new pics and videos of the kids I'll be uploading over the next day or so, so be sure to come back and check 'em out!