Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feedback Required!

NOTE: If you're reading this post (and we both know you are), you are hereby REQUIRED to submit SOME FORM of feedback. Help a girl out!!!
FOR THE RECORD: I've had over 30 visitors since this post went up earlier today... Where y'all at

Okay, so Chase's big birthday is just around the corner... a short 31 days away! I've already been in full planning mode for at least a month now, and am happy to say the invitations, thank you cards and one of the little party favors have been designed and ordered and shipped... just awaiting the delivery! The paper goods are purchased, and a few cute little ideas to bring out the colors and theme of the party are figured out (although I can always use more cute ideas like these if you have any).

So now I'm moving on to cake. Of course I've ordered cakes for all three of LO's birthdays, but have been dying to start the tradition of making the kids' birthday cakes myself. Chase's first birthday seems like the perfect opportunity to start! So I began with an unconventional (in my opinion) cake idea: banana. I found a recipe (along with a cute monkey-themed cake idea that I don't plan to use) at smitten kitchen. I paired it with a quick and easy one-bowl dark chocolate buttercream recipe from Hershey's.

Unfortunately, the cake tasted very "banana bread-y" (too dense, in my opinion) and it just didn't seem right to have chocolate buttercream on it. Oh, well. I might have to settle with plain ol' chocolate and/or vanilla. Boring, but typically accepted by the masses.

Okay, so once the cake is figured out, I've got some food planning to do. Problem is, I have no idea what to do! I'm tired of the ol' finger food approach, which almost always results in a veggie tray, fruit tray, chips, meatballs, little sandwiches, etc. But I don't want to do a huge sit-down type meal when I have nowhere near enough seating for as many people as will be attending. The party will most likely be during the lunch time frame, so I definitely want to provide a meal of some sort, but am at a complete loss of something "new" and "fresh" to serve. 


Can you help me? I need to think of something other than finger foods to serve at Chase's birthday party. I don't want to do anything that's too difficult to eat (considering there will be lots of chairs, but no tables), or too heavy (it'll be lunch, not dinner). I don't mind the time and effort that goes into making whatever it is I make... but I'd love it not to be too time-consuming, considering the plethora of other things on my plate the day of his party. I'm open to ALL suggestions, and am hopeful one of you will have THE suggestion that will relieve the insane amount of stress I've been carrying when it comes to the decision of what to serve at the party.

Okay, so... it's FEEDBACK time!!! Help a sista out!