Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving Back

In honor of my sweet Chase's first birthday, I have been wanting to put together a care package of sorts containing items to send to the PCICU and cardiac step-down unit (7C) at MUSC to thank them for all they've done for Chase. Without the amazing surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff in these two units, we would never be where we are today -- a family of four with two healthy, thriving children! My heart is full of thanksgiving for the life-saving procedures, attentive care, support and compassion the PCICU and 7C teams provided to Chase and our family.

I contacted the nurse manager for these units to ask if there are any specific items the patients need while in the hospital. I was very thankful to receive her list of needed items yesterday!

There are several items on their "wish list" for their little patients, including:
  • swings (I always saw them using the small, travel-sized ones, not the full-sized ones)
  • vibrating bouncy seats
  • sippy cups for toddlers
  • mobiles (cannot have any cloth on them because that would be an infection issue; all parts must be plastic)
  • blankets for toddlers
  • books for infants and toddlers

To be honest, I was really hoping that blankets would show up on their needed items list. I'm not good at sewing (at all!), but I know both LO and Chase love the blankets my mom made for them -- no sewing required!!! They're the blankets you make by cutting into the edges of two large squares of fabric, layering the fabric together, then tying knots into the edges to create the blanket. I want to spend some time making these blankets as a way of showing love and support to those little ones who are exactly where Chase has been such a seemingly short time ago.

In addition to preparing to make blankets, I've also begun scouring the Internet to find the best prices/sales for the rest of the items on the list. I know we're just one family, and obviously we can't buy a LOT of EVERYTHING on the list, but I'm hopeful that whatever we're able to do will adequately represent our appreciation and gratitude to those who worked so tirelessly to save our son's life.

As it looks now, we'll be heading to MUSC for another heart catheterization some time in January. I figure that would be a perfect opportunity to bring our donations to them in Chase's honor, and additionally it will provide me with two months to make lots of blankets and shop around for the best prices on the other infant/toddler items.