Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm the worst mommy ever because I let Chase's 1-year Glenniversary go by last Thursday, March 3rd, without recognizing what a huge accomplishment it was and how far we've come since then! So here's my post, a few days late, recapping what my sweet boy went through. Here's a summary of what was completed during this surgery:
We met with Dr. Bradley a few moments ago to discuss Chase's surgery. Everything went very well! He was able to patch the pulmonary arteries and connect the SVC to the pulmonary artery. It turns out he WAS able to access his coarctation and patch that narrowing as well, which is a wonderful blessing! Hopefully that will eliminate the need for us to bring him back for additional balloon procedures in the cath lab. Praise the Lord!!!
And here's a summary in pictures:
Seeing him for the first time after his Glenn: March 3, 2010.
My strong warrior.
Little monkey.
My sweet boy... a little swollen.
Not a fan of being stuck in the hospital...
He loved to hold a finger for comfort (and still does), so the nurse wrapped up some gauze for him to hold while mommy was away.
REALLY ready to get home, but not quite able to give up the oxygen. :(
Let's get outta here, Mommy!
All smiles!
Finally discharged and on our way home exactly one week post-op: March 10, 2010.

I am so proud of my sweet warrior boy and his amazing strength! He has been through more in his 16 months than most people will go through in their lifetime. I cannot imagine my life without him. He has taught me so much and continues to do so every day. I no longer take the little things for granted. Every accomplishment and milestone is a reason to celebrate! God knew exactly what He was doing when He blessed us with our sweet little Chase. His special little heart makes our family complete!

Congratulations, Chase!!!