Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My First Official Sewing Triumph!

Yes, once upon a time I made a pillowcase. And then another. And then one more. Without a pattern, just cutting rectangles, measuring here and there, tossing in a few pins to keep it together, then running it through the only setting I know how to use on my mom's sewing machine.

It wasn't rocket science. I get it.

But today I unveil an actual accomplishment! I bought a sewing kit from Walmart of all places to make my very own apron, and was able to do it all by myself! Yay for me! Although I still don't technically know what a "flounce" is and didn't find out this video existed until two seconds ago (long after completing my project), I think I did a pretty decent job!

Good ol' Walmart. Home to Creative Cuts by Springs Creative. So easy and so fun!
The "before" picture of my fabric cut-outs.

And... the "after" pic!
NOTE: There's a reason I don't have a million-dollar modeling contract, folks. As if.

Complete with functional pocket. See??
I have to admit... I'm getting addicted to this sewing stuff. How amazing is it to see a bunch of random shapes of fabric magically turn into a functional item like this apron? I can't wait to try something else next. Any suggestions? One day I'll get brave enough to buy a real pattern and cut out my fabric like the pros do it, but for now, I'm up for whatever the next challenge is that comes after a pillowcase and ready-made apron.

So. Much. Fun!