Friday, November 11, 2011

2-Year Checkup

Chase had his 2-year checkup today and, although he was NOT in the mood to deal with medical personnel this morning, he did a great job and we have great results! No questions or concerns from me, which was a first! Everything seems to be on track and his doctor doesn't have any concerns about anything! Yay!

And oh my word! I cannot believe this kid's placement on the height/weight charts! He weighed in at just over 27.5 lbs., putting him in the 47th percentile for weight! And he was 35 1/4 inches tall, in the whopping 81st percentile for height! How crazy is that? I believe he had quite a growth spurt recently when it comes to height specifically. He's now able to turn the lights on/off using the light switches, which I swear he was waaaaay too short to reach just a month ago!

So we're completely and totally blessed and thankful to have a healthy little 2-year-old boy! His next doctor appointment isn't until May (cardiology) and then again in October (well child checkup)! What an amazing blessing!!!!!

Way to go, Chase! :)