Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nausea, Nausea and More Nausea...

Why so nauseous you ask?

I'm pregnant!

Yeppers! Hubs and I are ecstatic to announce that we are expecting a baby in November! I'm 13 weeks pregnant and have been so very nauseous for so many weeks! I'm almost convinced we're having a boy, based on the nausea and my cravings for salty foods. Would you believe I have had NO desire to eat ANYTHING sweet?! I think I lived on cake while I was pregnant with LO!

What's terribly disappointing is that my mother-in-law apparently was nauseous the ENTIRE TIME she was pregnant with hubs (no surprise there). So I'm not expecting this to improve any time soon. But I'm okay with it, because our family is going to be blessed with a beautiful little miracle in just 6 short months!


BTW... We're calling this one "TO" (no, not for Terrell Owens, but for "Tiny One"). We figure this baby is smaller than LO, so tiny seemed like a good fit.

Although if LO had her way, she'd refer to him/her as her baby "sticker" (translation: "baby sister"). She says she wouldn't mind a baby brother, either.

Life is good! God is good!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apple Bottom Jeans

I saw this today and couldn't help but share with you! Here's a little somethin' for those of you needing a good laugh today!