Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Squish's First Birthday ~ Part IV

Part FOUR!? Yes, part four. Apparently. Because as the youngest of four kids myself, I subconsciously didn't want Squish to feel "less than" since he's the last baby. So here we go! Part four of Squish's 1st birthday!

I'm quite certain there are maybe 12 pictures of me as a child in existence. And that includes family portraits. So I'm hopeful that the overabundance of pictures from Squish's 1st birthday party will be adequate. ;)

Ready for his big day!

All three teeth are present and accounted for!

Beautiful high chair decorations courtesy of the birthday boy's big sis, of course!

Working on that standing skill before the party guests arrived... LOL!

Time for dinner! Mexican food! One of his (many) faves. Looks like the first course was, well, uh, cheese.

Baby likes cheese.

Smash cake on point! I went with minimal frosting since he barely made it through the frosting on his first smash cake (for the photoshoot) to find the actual cake. Also pictured? A cake for the guests and some raspberry petit fours that actually turned out more like grande fours.

Squish's 1-year frame! I love having one of these for each of my kiddos. It's simply amazing how much they change in 12 short months!

Meanwhile, the party prince is ready for his close-up! Actually he was just being super goofy so I was obviously inclined to take a zillion pics. This was after dinner, and I promise -- he ate more than just cheese! Trust. Me.

It's all fun and games until the CAKE comes out! His face!!! #priceless

He enjoyed us singing "Happy Birthday" to him. But he didn't take his eyes off that cake!

Finally! Yum!

"Yay!!!" = Clapping.

I think he was pleased with his cake! Here he is entertaining Daddy, Gramma, and PaPa.

Finally it was time to call it a night and put an end to the week-long birthday festivities for Mr. Squish. We had a beautiful day with family celebrating this perfect little nugget!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Squishy! Mommy loves you bunches!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Squish's First Birthday! ~ Part III

Tonight we celebrated Squish's 1st birthday -- just the 6 of us. A nice, quiet dinner at home, after which the littlest one opened a few little gifts.

BALL! Happy baby!

I wonder what this one is...?

Can't get enough of this smile!

I think the wrapping paper was getting to be too much... silly boy!

A new xylophone!!

Concentrate, silly Squishy!

Time for cake!

Yes, my sweet little one is clapping in the background. What can I say? He gets excited about cake like the rest of us! LOL!

I promise there was a nice piece of cake on this plate... BEFORE Squishy got to it!

YAY for cake!!!

Here he's watching a sweet birthday video from his cousins. He thought it was hilarious!!!

A new bike!

Time for a family bike ride! This new toy from Toys R Us (clearance sale!) should be a great investment. It goes from this setup, where mommy or daddy can steer, to an independent tricycle, to a balance bike! How fun!

It's hard to believe my little 11-month-old woke up this morning and just went to bed as a 1-year-old. ((sigh)) I sure do love those baby days! But I can't wait to see what this little guy gets into in the months ahead. He's a crawling expert, loves to walk with assistance, and can stand independently for a few seconds before falling. He still has only 3 teeth (with the 2nd top one well on it's way), loves to eat everything (except watermelon), nurses twice a day, and can say dada, mama, and uh-oh. He really is the sweetest little thing and I am so grateful for the amazing year we've had, and look forward to all God has in store for his future.

I love my sweet Squishy! Happy Birthday, my darling!