Friday, September 22, 2017

Squish is Three Months Old!

Happy 3 Months, sweet Squishy!

Can you believe it? He's already 1/4 of the way to ONE! Waaaahhhhhhhh!!! In true mom2lo fashion, I am a good 9 days behind schedule in posting Squish's 3 month picture. Although, technically, this is an improvement from last month's 13 days behind schedule! Let's call that a win, shall we?

Now, if you were ever wondering what would happen if you were to task your children with styling their baby brother's 3-month photoshoot, this may very well be what you are likely to get:

Who cares that we're a month ahead of Halloween? He couldn't BE more adorable... even as the crime fighting caped crusader! Seriously, this was just too fun! And tbh, I welcomed the help! (This might be the single reason why I was "only" 9 days behind schedule this month! LOL!)

Our sweet Squish is getting much more alert and interactive these days. His giggle is literally the best, Jerry! The BEST!!

He did -- without our approval -- roll over from his belly to his back on September 8th. Thankfully, we haven't seen any more of this naughty behavior from our lil' fella!

We're enjoying the goodness that is our sweet babe. He's an excellent eater, as evidenced by A) his chins; B) his thighs; C) his elbows; and D) his 15 lbs. 5 oz. weight from last night! Sweet little piggy!

Life is adjusting well as we setting into our new routines. I wouldn't use the word "schedule" yet, unfortunately, as we don't really have one of those yet. I wish we did... I suppose I should look into making that happen. Let's see if I can happily mention the "s" word in his 4-month post next month! Fingers crossed!