Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's in My Amazon Shopping Cart??

One of my favorite food bloggers wrote a post today about what's in her Amazon shopping cart. I found it quite interesting to see what other foodies/moms/humans are pining for and decided to share a glimpse into my Amazon shopping cart (and/or Wish List) with you!

Here we go!

#1: Homes Styles Bordeaux Bakers Rack ($323.71) - This gorgeous bakers rack is the future home of my cookbook collection, a small lamp and maybe a little ivy plant of some sort, not to mention my tiny collection of "fancy glasses" and the wine bottles I use for cooking (not drinking). I'll stash some placemats and fabric napkins in those drawers, too. I have the perfect kitchen wall selected and have recently hung a family photo there so as to not stare at a blank wall that is screaming "Insert Bakers Rack Here!" every time I look at it. Patience, my dear self!

#2: Blumotion Hinge Adapter - 25 Pack ($77.49) - When we built the house, we didn't have the option to make any upgrades to the kitchen cabinets we selected. One of my must-haves (okay, so maybe "nice-to-haves") is these handy adapters that close your cabinet doors for you. ((Wow. I sound lazy.)) They just make it to where you can close the door and it won't ever slam -- it just closes with a soft, gentle close. Who wouldn't want such a thing?! And if we're being technical, we actually have 27 kitchen cabinets, but I'm thinking I can get by with this handy 25 pack. I rarely use the cabinets above the fridge anyway.

#3: Graviti Electric Salt & Pepper Mills ($39.95) - "Adding fresh-ground sea salt or pepper to food can be as effortless as a flip of the wrist. Invert these battery-operated mills over food, and their blades begin to whirl. Turn them upright, and the mechanisms shut off."

Such a fancy description (courtesy of Williams-Sonoma), but you get the gist. Me likey. And the fact that each one requires six (6) AAA batteries? Sort of astounding, huh?

#4: Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case ($71.33) - I don't always have the time nor the need to bust out my Kitchen-Aid for heavy-duty baking, so it'd be nice to have a high-power hand-held that I can rely on. I love how cute this one is (priorities, right?) and the ingenious storage case is a bonus, too! And of course we can all agree Cuisinart is a quality brand when it comes to kitchen appliances.

#5: All-Clad 3-Piece Canister Storage Set ($100.93) - Okay, I have to confess -- these kickin' canisters are no longer in my shopping cart. They're in a UPS box being Amazon Primed straight up to my door, arriving on Friday. I've been eyeing these for quite some time, and I finally decided to give in and pay a premium for pretty storage for my flour, sugar and brown sugar. I'd like to consider a second set for powdered sugar, chocolate chips and cocoa, but I don't think I could get hubs on board with that idea. I can't wait to see these beauties sitting on my kitchen counter! Now I'm thinking I ought to search for a set of All-Clad pots & pans to match!
#6: Perfect Light Desserts: Fabulous Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and More Made with Real Butter, Sugar, Flour, and Eggs, All Under 300 Calories Per Generous Serving ($19.77) - I think the crazy-long title says it all, right? If my passion involves a lot of baking (and sampling, of course!), it just makes sense to find "healthier" dessert recipes to try out. I'm a big fan of Nick Malgieri's work (his Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from this book are TASTY!) so I'm sure this cookbook would be a valuable addition to my collection.

#7: They're Real! Mascara ($22.00) - I'm always on the hunt for an amazing mascara, and this is one I have yet to try. The reviews are pretty mixed -- some say it's the best while others claim it's no better than some random drugstore brands. I'd like to see for myself!

For those of you who made it this far, let me just say that I am desperate to share some pics of our kitchen backsplash!! However, we just (finally) grouted it a few days ago, which means we just now (yesterday) caulked it and we still need to seal the grout and replace the outlet covers. Until those tiny little remaining tasks are complete, I'm not ready to share the big reveal. Just know that it is in fact GORGEOUS. And I do love it dearly. And I'm beyond stoked to share it with you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Backsplash Update

Could someone please tell me what crazy pills I was under the influence of when I thought I would actually be posting completed backsplash photos on Monday!? What was I possibly thinking?! As I mentioned in my update yesterday, we made some progress over the weekend but we in no way came close to finishing the project. And unfortunately, yesterday passed us by without much progress. So today I took out the spacers and removed the spots of mastic (tile glue) from the tiles so {fingers crossed} it will be ready for grout tonight! The tough thing is that I had to work last night, I work tonight and again Friday night, so as you might imagine it's pretty difficult for hubs to do anything productive with the two littles requiring constant attention/supervision.


So I'm guessing our big reveal is still a few days away. I'm so sorry for the delay, but I will tell you it's looking amazing and I am so in love with it!! I can't wait to show it off! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Backsplash Update

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a lovely, restful weekend! I wish I could say that we did, but we were busy working on our backsplash!!! WOOT!

We got a late start on Saturday (can you say 2PM!?) due to morning obligations, and it was a VERY slow start (had to make sure everything was perfect, of course!). But once we got into a rhythm (hubs cutting tiles and me installing them), things started to move along pretty quickly. We worked for about 4 hours, then took the kids out for dinner (since my kitchen was in shambles).

Sunday morning we went to church, where LO performed in her first-ever children's musical. The kids led worship and then did a few songs on their own. How cute is she??

After lunch we let the kids play outside for a bit. Don't ya love hubs' homemade water park? The kids sure did!

Once nap time rolled around, it was time to get back to work! We resumed our teamwork approach of hubs cutting tiles and me installing them. Things seemed to move a bit slower Sunday afternoon -- possibly due to the fact that we were working with smaller sections of tiles (and it didn't help that I broke one, too!). We took a quick dinner break with the kids and didn't finish up with the tiling until after dark. We were able to get all of the tile installed, with the exception of the quarter round pieces to finish up the edges.

I'm really loving the look of our backsplash, but I'm gonna wait until I can do a complete "Before/After" post to show you the finished product. We still have to install the quarter round, grout the tile (hopefully today), and caulk the countertop and under cabinet seams and reinstall the outlet plates before we can call it done. I can't wait to share the big reveal with you guys once my beautiful backsplash is complete!!! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Closing Time!

It's closing time! We're closing on our old house today. It's hard to believe in this market that we were able to get an offer about 2 weeks after we listed our home, which we accepted. Once all the inspections were done and the (thankfully) minimal fixes were completed, the big day was scheduled... and the big day is HERE!

I'm so grateful we were able to sell so quickly. And rightfully so! Our old home was in immaculate condition. My husband is so OCD about stuff there's just no way he would've let anything in that house fall apart. ;) The new owner of our home has a wonderful place that I'm sure will be so very special to her! It saw me through singlehood, marriage and the birth of two children... we've got a lot of memories there and it's definitely sentimental to officially let go of it for good.

As such, I took the kids by there yesterday to get some final pictures of the house. Here are a few from our iPhone photo shoot. ;)

The tiny little deck that hubs built.

My big kids!

Hug like you mean it!

Don't hurt your brother! LOL!

Goodbye, sweet home.
On a totally related note, is it weird that I've left a card and housewarming gift inside the house for the new owner? I'm thinking it's not weird, but I did get some funny looks from hubs when I explained what I was doing. I know at the end of the day it's just a financial transaction, but I can't help but attach some emotion to it, too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eager Anticipation

I am beyond excited for this Saturday.

Why, you ask?

This Saturday is {FINALLY} BACKSPLASH DAY!!!

It's the day I've been waiting for since before we moved into our new home... The day we install the gorgeous 24x8 porcelain tile backsplash I selected! I feel like I've waited for this day my whole life!!! Haha!

Sample kitchen with Porcellana tile in Cachemire by Casa dolce casa 

These oversized stacked porcelain tiles will be the perfect compliment to my GE Cafe' series range and microwave. They will accent my granite countertops effortlessly and will just plain make me grin with giddiness each time I walk into MY kitchen. Wooooot!!!

Assuming the installation goes well, I'll post some hopefully {AMAZING} pictures on Monday!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Tea Party

What a wonderful blessing it was for me to spend my morning at LO's school for her class Mother's Day Tea Party. The tiny tables and chairs were decorated so special, and the kids served their mommies a dainty breakfast snack and tea. They even cleared our plates for us! So sweet!

One of the things I loved most was a paper titled, "My Mom." The kids all answered questions about their mommies and the teacher filled it in for them. Take a look at mine below... LO almost nailed my age, and was quite generous with both my height and weight! I love that "My Mom's favorite food is..." spaghetti with meatballs and stuff. Haha! Her answer to the TV program question cracked me up, and I love her explanation of my "free time." Looks like I need to have a little chat with her that I'm sad when she doesn't listen, but that doesn't mean I'm mad at her. Such a sweet treasure this is!

The kids all drew pictures of their moms, too. I got to guess which one was LO's, and I could tell right off the bat. She tends to draw big heads on her people. Haha! I'm really digging the coat of many colors she's got me in!

Another sweet keepsake was a little Mother's Day flower in the cutest little pot! She drew flowers, birds, butterflies and a sun. It's beautiful!

It wouldn't be a Mother's Day program without some singing! LO's class sang several songs, but this one was by far my favorite! Enjoy! :)

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cardiology Appointment

I am so very blessed to share that this sweet boy of mine had a GREAT cardiology appointment today!

He handled his saturation check, four-limb pressures and echo like a champ!!

The best part is that we're not due back for another SIX MONTHS!!!

Yay, Chase!!!

He was right at 30 lbs. and his surgeon wants him at 33 lbs. for his final scheduled surgery, the Fontan, so we're looking at 2013 at the earliest! Unless things change, of course, and we know with super awesome heart kiddos that is always a possibility. But for now, I will continue to be so overwhelmingly grateful for the great report and continue to love the crap out of this kid! He is beyond amazing and I am unimaginably blessed to be his mama!!!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Unbearable Cuteness!

Have you ever seen anything as unbearably cute as this!?

It's LO's t-ball pic and I love it! I can hardly stand how grown up this kid is. She'll be 5 in two months. Where has the time gone!?