Monday, April 30, 2018

E's 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to E!

My sweet little fella is turning 5 today and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate him! This has literally been the most low-key birthday to plan... ever! It's been waaaaay different than Chase's epic 5th birthday for sure! LOL! It's been super easy because the birthday boy had all.the.plans. and I just had to sit back and make 'em happen!

First of all, he picked the theme. Can you see it?

Let's zoom in a bit...

Yes, my 4 going on 5-year-old wanted a Ghostbusters theme for his 5th birthday. Isn't he just the best!? This sweet goofball.

Next up? Breakfast pancakes of course! So hubs has been working from home pretty much exclusively for months now, and we couldn't love that more! We tend to stay super low-key and have lots of lazy mornings, but today was not one of them. Daddy has to be in the office for "regular hours" this week (GASP! LOL!) so he had to leave by 8:15 AM. Y'all. I'm usually not even AWAKE at 8:15 AM most days. The kids barely roll down the stairs at 8AM. (Remember the lazy mornings I mentioned?) So in order to have birthday pancakes together as a family (minus sweet sleeping O, who is teething/irritable and NOT to be awoken under any circumstances!), we had to do it early! So this sleep-head mama was up at 7:30 AM to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon!

SIDE NOTE: I sent hubs to Walmart last night around 12:30 AM to pick up party supplies and wrapping paper. I like to be transparent here on my blog and, yes, it's true: four kids make it hard to stay on top of all.the.things. And while hubs was at Walmart, I was baking E's cake. Because obviously going to bed at 2AM was part of my game plan. hahahaha!

Back to this morning! Everyone was up and downstairs for the big "5" birthday pancakes and singing for sweet E! Yummy!

Isn't he just the cutest?? I think so.

The kid took to blow out his candles. It was hilarious!!!

Yum-o pancakes, bacon, eggs, and orange juice. The best way to start your birthday!

After breakfast, the birthday boy decided to watch The Smurfs movie, which is what we're currently up to as I write this. And, not surprisingly, O is still asleep. Bless.

The plans for the day are all dependent on a certain 5-year-old's whims, and I'm totally cool with that. I do know he chose a very specific (and super random) menu for his birthday dinner tonight, which he insisted we have at home. The menu?

Chicken Nuggets
Hawaiian Rolls
Chocolate Milk

He's so crazy! Hahahaha! After dinner it'll be cake and ice cream and his favorite part... PRESENTS!

I can't wait to see what he asks me to make for his cake. All he's given me so far is 1) chocolate and 2) chocolate, and I'm totally on board with that.

More to come later today...

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Squish is Ten Months Old!

Happy 10 months, Squishy!

Ten months + two teeny baby teeth!

I literally just found these two teeth yesterday (Tuesday, 4/17). I *never* would have guessed the boy was teething... much less having TWO pop through at the same time! He is such a happy lil' babe!

We're starting to round the corner into mobility. He's scooting a bit, and has essentially mastered the front to back AND back to front rollovers... even if he still has a tiny struggle pulling an arm out from underneath himself once over. And the boy LOVES to hold fingers and WALK. I haven't seen any notion towards crawling as it seems this guy has his sights set on the walking game.

His only/favorite word continues to be DADA. And my feelings aren't hurt or anything... ((sigh))

The boy can EAT. He's up to 21 lbs. and we have yet to find anything he won't devour. He still loves baby foods and yogurt but his favorite thing these days is pizza crust. My little carb lover! Basically anything he sees us eating, he wants to have some, too. It's a messy life we live, y'all!

He's seriously just the sweetest thing.

I just can't get enough.

Sweet baby!

Those rolls though. Love this dough baby!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter 2018

What a busy whirlwind of Easter excitement, y'all! I haven't been able to catch my breath for what seems like weeks, but that's another topic for another time... For now, I'll just focus on Easter last weekend!

I was super excited to join the worship team at our church for Easter services by singing in the worship choir -- along with my mom! It was awesome. We had rehearsal Wednesday evening, and it was really so wonderful! We had three Easter services, one Saturday evening and our usual two Sunday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, the kids dyed Easter eggs and had a blast! Squish was napping so he didn't make it into any of the pictures. ;)

My super sweet and smiley Rock Star, Chase!

My beautiful daughter, LO!

The family goofball: E!

Let's do this!

See above. Goofball.

Love this boy!

Pretty eggs!

E liked placing his eggs in ALL of the colors... which basically left him with either poop brown or army green. Good times.

LO going for turquoise here. Win!

So many pretty eggs! I especially love the turquoise creations.

The finished products! I spy Lloyd from Ninjago... Silly Chase!

After our Easter service Saturday evening, I prepped some food for Sunday, and had an EARLY morning on Sunday to do it all again... twice!

Y'all, we typically attend our 11 AM service, which means I usually don't get up on Sundays until around 9:45 AM. Holla for weekend sleep! But to sing in both morning services, I needed to leave the house at 7:40 AM for our 8 AM call time. Whaaaaat! Whoa.

Everything with my family was super low-key this year. I did buy LO a new dress several weeks ago, but only because it was cute and majorly on sale. I wasn't even thinking of it as an Easter dress at the time. And I literally forgot until Saturday evening (after the kids went to bed) that I hadn't even bothered to figure out what the boys would wear! Sheesh. Sorry, hubs! He was flying solo Sunday morning to get 4 kiddos fed and dressed for Easter Sunday. #epicwifefail

The Sunday morning services were so incredible! Afterward, we literally went through the Arby's drive-thru for lunch on our way home. What can I say... it was a busy week! I forced the kids to let me take a few pictures before we let them inside to eat lunch... and find their Easter baskets! #hahahaha #momwin

Here are my Easter cuties!

Love this Squishy kid of mine! Just look at that toothless grin!

I mean, really... he IS the biggest goofball I know!

This boy. My heart!

Pretty girl!

There's that smile again!

Meanwhile, back inside opening Easter baskets... or, for some, watching everyone else open Easter baskets.


Oh! A new book! Love! And a frisbee? Totally practical for a 9-month-old. LOL!

E's Easter basket had a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a tiny Ray Stantz action figure from Ghostbusters. Squish absolutely loved the Marshmallow Man! I think I have an idea for his Halloween costume...

After a quick lunch and Easter basket fun, we loaded up the kids and the food I'd prepped the night before, and hit the road to head to hubs' parent's house. My MIL had hip surgery and has been homebound, so we really wanted to bring Easter to them. A couple of casseroles, rolls, and cranberry sauce paired perfectly with my FIL's amazing grilled pork tenderloins. Oh, and a blizzard cake from Dairy Queen. Yes, y'all, I phoned it in with this year's Easter dessert! We also had an egg hunt for the kids in the front yard and my MIL was even able to come outside and watch the kids run around like little crazies. It was beyond perfect!

This really was not a "typical" holiday for us, but I don't care. I worshiped along with our amazing church congregation... THREE TIMES. I loved on my family. I got to spend time with my incredible in-laws. It didn't matter to me what we ate or what we wore. My focus was on relationships -- investing in the lives of the people I love. And I wouldn't have it any other way!!!