Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 was very good to us -- though much busier than I had hoped/anticipated/planned. Our visit to NYC for Chase's Make-A-Wish trip was, as you know already, quite fantastic, but it also removed a good 7 days of Christmas prep from my life. I wouldn't trade that trip for anything, mind you, but nonetheless I found myself straight up scrambling come Christmastime. We returned from our trip on Monday, December 23rd. Christmas was on December 25th---you do the math! ;)

I don't have a ton of narrative to go along with these Christmas photos, so just prepare yourself for a plethora of images of my sweet kiddos! Enjoy!

Oh... FWIW, I purchased a lifetime membership with an online photography school called Shultz Photo School [SPS] (which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone -- especially the novice/beginner), so I've been trying to implement some of the new techniques I'm learning in my photography. I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but some of these pics make me smile more than normal since I shot them slightly better than in previous years. If you are interested in saving BIG TIME on a membership to SPS, click here. Seriously, this amazing, funny, down-to-earth photographer made a whole school of video tutorials SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for parents to take better photos of their kids -- from iPhones to dSLRs!!! SO highly recommended.

((End totally and completely uncompensated personal opinion rant.))

Now on with the pics!

Trying out camera settings to get a nice bokeh with the Christmas tree. Pez Mario was the closest subject available at the time. ;)

Santa leaves new ornaments every year... a nice distraction from the fact that the stockings always end up laying neatly on the floor due to the massive weight of their contents!

E was quite happy with his new ball pit! BALL!!!

E also apparently wanted to keep Chase's plasma car for himself.

FINALLY! A coveted Rainbow Dash hoodie!

Super Smash Bros. will keep this Mario-lovin' fan happy... for a while (I hope)!

The art set my little artist was pining for this year... From what I've seen so far, she's REALLY good.

E really enjoyed getting in on the festivities this year. Such a cutie!!!

Sonic pajamas! One of the VERY few things he asked Santa to bring him this year.

This was one of the very few coveted wishes of this kid's... and I have no clue why (other than it being yet another Mario, of course).

This boy LOVED his new ((ahem--recycled from older siblings)) Mickey Mouse dancing friend! It's amazing what finally putting new batteries in an old toy will do for a 1-year-old! Haha!

So that's that! A wonderful Christmas, overflowing with blessings yet again this year. We are so truly thankful for our family and our health and the many gifts of love exchanged with family and dear friends. God is good!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends!