Thursday, May 2, 2019

E's 6th Birthday!

((Still playing catch-up on the blog... posting this on 6/8/2019. Better late than never!))

- - - - -

We celebrated E's 6th birthday with a little trip to Great Wolf Lodge! It was so much fun, and we especially enjoyed my mom (Mona!) joining us for her first visit to GWL. E had a super great time, as did the other 3!

Squish wasn't too sure about this water park stuff... but I promise he eventually had a blast! I really didn't get any pics of the older 3--including the birthday boy himself--because they were too busy hitting all the waterslides and playing lots of MagiQuest.

We went to dinner at Dave & Buster's on E's birthday, and came back to the hotel for a little cake and lots of presents!

Isn't he the cutest, sweetest, most hilarious 6-year-old you've ever seen??

He LOVES Charmander!


One of his favorites new toys! It's a car that drives on the wall. Too cool.

My sweet boy had a great time celebrating his birthday at GWL! I'm so proud of this young man and am so excited about this next year!