Friday, August 28, 2020

Cinco | 2 Months

My sweet Cinco is officially 2 months old! It's SOOOOO exhausting being SOOOOO adorable!

My apologies for the terrible white balance... I promise he isn't still jaundiced. I accidentally deleted all of my LR presets when trying to clear space on my MBP, and, combined with the forced upgrade to the new version of LR, my editing skills are seriously lacking.
I was glad to finally bust out the Nikon to take some proper photos of my sweet munchkin. Too bad I wasn't able to take his 1 month photos last month. Those first four weeks with this guy were especially difficult!
I mean, look at this face. Totes adorbs! I just *assumed* that as my 5th and final kid, he'd be a walk in the park. Us youngest kiddos are the best! But he apparently had other plans...
I really couldn't complain, though. I just couldn't get enough of him! Those sweet toes... chunky thighs... sweet coos... it was all worth it!
Owl booty, y'all!
We've been working a bit on tummy time. It's not his favorite, but he's doing better each time!
What a wonderful idea to have a photo session literally just a few hours after his 2 month vaccinations! To my surprise, he was simply wonderful. But those poor chunky thighs with their tweety bird bandages!

Please also take note of the gorgeous gray knit blanket... my beloved most favorite aunt on the planet made that for my sweet baby! She's literally the best.
This journey has been quite difficult with the added stresses and unknowns and inconveniences of COVID-19. Our family has been hunkered down for 168 days and counting... and it's not been fun. But we are doing what we need to do to keep our sweet little family safe and healthy. There's nothing more important! 

Oh, and just for fun... here's a 2 month pic of another one of my boys... any guesses?? Lots of similarities in that sweet face!