Thursday, October 9, 2008

No, Really... I'm Not Dead!!!

I'm SOOOOOOOOO sorry I've been leaving all of my millions of blog readers without quality, interesting, exciting blog content! I promise I'm not dead! And I haven't given up the life of a blogger! Really, I've just been crazy-busy these last few weeks since we returned from our Wisconsin trip. And there's SOOOOOOOOOO much to share! From my sister-in-law's wedding, to the approximately 1,800-mile road-trip, to baby showers, parties and date nights!

Our LO is pushing 15-months old, hubs has a birthday on Monday and we've got 6 of our 9 nieces & nephews with birthdays in September & October. We've been busy! And with the wonderful Fall weather presenting itself these days, we can't help but get outside for some fun. One day last week we met hubs for lunch, then went to a local park. It was the BEST little park EVER! It used to be a rundown, dilapidated old park but some serious money has been put in it and I'm ever so happy about it! There was an entire little playground area just for children under 5 years old, which we got to play on by ourselves! Check out LO enjoying the swing:
Here's LO and I wasting time at The Home Depot while hubs was shopping around for who-knows-what:
And here's one of our crazy girl with crazy hair!
I promise you'll be hearing more from me very, very soon! So stay tuned! Pretty please?