Friday, March 13, 2009

Only 13 Hours, 15 Minutes To Go!

I'm sitting next to hubs on our couch in our living room. We're both sporting our respective laptops on our laps while watching mindless TV -- in this case, "This is Howie Do It." So what makes this Friday any different than any other Friday night?

LO is not here.

That's right!

Hubs and I have never spent a night away from her in all of her 19 months, 2 weeks and 2 days of life! But we (I) decided it would be healthy for LO to spend a night away from her loving mommy and daddy, you know, to help her grow and develop her individuality, etc. I read somewhere that she needs to know that she can count on other people to meet her basic needs (other people such as her loving Mona!). In reality, this whole thing is mostly for my benefit. Not that I want or need any separation from my lovely daughter, but I want to have a healthy relationship with her and somehow or another I think this will help. When she's older, I want her to be able to have sleepovers at her friends houses, go to summer camp and do other activities on her own without needing her mommy to hold her hand (again, see how this is really all about ME?!).

Anywho, guess I'll get back to TV viewing and finishing up some laundry. I sure hope I can make it 'til tomorrow morning at 10 AM!

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