Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday!

Happy Sweet 6-Month Birthday to my sweet baby boy!

Our lives changed forever 6 months ago today. Our precious little miracle was born and we have been so blessed!

Chase is really starting to develop quite the little personality! He's ALWAYS happy and smiling (unless he's tired, hungry or needs to be changed). He is quite possibly the sweetest, kindest, most genuine tiny little person in the world! I thank God every day for bringing this boy into our family. I can't imagine life without him. I pray daily that God will continue to keep His hand on him and help him to grow stronger and stay healthy each and every day.

Here are some recent pics and a little video clip of my precious little Chase. Enjoy!


  1. Happy half birthday Chase!! He looks wonderful!! :) And of course, absolutely adorable! :)

  2. Six months already!! He looks absolutely wonderful! I just love his smile!

  3. What an amazing little boy! And what an amazing God! Happy 6 months to Chase!