Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Months

It's been two months today since the world lost a sweet, precious little boy named Travis. My heart continues to ache for his family, for the devastating loss they've experienced and for their struggle to make it through each day without their smiley little Trav. I hate this hopeless feeling where you want so very much to help someone who is struggling, yet truly there is nothing you can do to bring back the joy and happiness that was once there. I want to just send hugs to Nicole and Roger every moment of every day. I want them to know that little Travis made a BIG impact on the world and he will NEVER be forgotten.

Each day, when I look at my sweet Chase, I can't help but think of Travis. They were only 3 days apart so right now, Travis should be doing a lot of the same things as Chase. My heart aches that Nicole and Roger aren't able to experience life with Travis.

I feel powerless to help the DiCarlo family, other than continue to keep them in my daily thoughts and prayers. But I figured I'd write up this post and provide a link to their blog so you can send them a little note to let them know you're thinking about them and praying for them, too. Obviously there's nothing anyone can do this side of heaven to heal their broken hearts, but knowing there is a huge community of friends, family and even strangers who are lifting them to the Lord in prayer will hopefully remind them that they are not alone in their pain.

Please take a minute to stop by the Team Travis blog and let Nicole and Roger know you are thinking of them during such an unimaginably painful time.

Thank you.

Beautiful Travis


  1. ohhhh how sweet of you to remember Travis today on your blog, I was so touch to read this when I stopped by to see how cute little Chase was doing and I started to cry when I scrolled down to see Travis' sweet and most beautiful smile looking at me on my laptop. He was and is such a special boy and we miss him very much. I am so proud he was a part of our lives. Please continue to Pray for his Mommy Nicole and Daddy Roger. This is more than any parent should ever had to bare. Love and Heart Hugs from Travis' Grandma Sue DiCarlo xoxoxoxox

  2. You amaze me....thank you for all of the love! <3 u!