Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Cake

I'm trying to plan the design of Chase's 2nd birthday cake, and I'm getting super excited about the vision in my head! I've found several cake ideas and I plan to pull a little from each one.

Idea 1: First of all, I'd never attempt the Mickey Mouse ears on the top tier of this cake. I think it looks a little wonky here and I'm sure I couldn't do any better. So I like the simplicity of this one without the ears on top. It captures the basic color scheme I've been using for the party (red, black, white and yellow). I think the only modification I have in mind (besides losing the ears) is making the bottom tier square with the top tier still round. This cake has given me lots of useful inspiration!

Idea 2: Okay, so let's be honest... this one looks like Mickey's Clubhouse exploded all up on a cake. But I like the idea of placing the #2 on top and/or writing Chase's name at the top, although I haven't used stars anywhere in my party prep so I'd probably have to use a different shape. I like the idea of placing the figurines around the cake just to add a bit of "Clubhouse" to the cake since mine will be much more simple than this.

Idea 3: Okay, so this is super cute, too! Again, I'd lose the Mickey ears on top, mostly because I'm not at all confident in my skills to duplicate them to the level of perfection I'm after. I think this cake is the one that gave me the idea of using a square tier on the bottom with the round on top. Again, I probably won't work in the stars just because I haven't used them anywhere else, but I like the random Mickey silhouettes on the cake board.

I'm getting really excited to start working on Chase's cake! I think the smaller, round tier on top will be a chocolate-pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling, and I'll go more traditional with the larger, square tier on bottom by going with chocolate with buttercream filling. YUM.

I just have to take a moment to say how completely overwhelmed (in a good way!) I am to be planning a 2nd birthday party for my miracle son. God has brought him through so much and words cannot express how blessed I feel to have Chase in our lives! My heart breaks when I think of the many sweet ones with CHDs like Chase who earned their wings waaaaaay too soon. I wish we could celebrate with all of those precious little ones and I'll never understand God's plan (obviously) to take them so soon. I'm especially thinking of sweet Travis, whose birthday was just 3 days before Chase (also diagnosed with HLHS), and lost his battle all too soon on February 19, 2011. My heart and prayers go out to Nicole and Roger as they continue to deal with the pain that no parent should ever experience. Please keep them in your prayers.

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