Friday, April 13, 2012


Ugh. It's that time. It's time to register my sweet little baby girl for Kindergarten. As I'm sure all moms in this position have said, "Where has the time gone?!"

LO has been in a 3-day morning K4 program at a Christian school not too far from our home. The school runs from 2-year-olds through high school. It's a pretty great school, and I've always loved the faith-based education LO has been receiving there for the past 2 years.

But it's not cheap.

Shocker, right?

As much as I'd love to take finances out of the equation and just send her to Kindergarten there this fall, I have to be realistic. Especially considering a certain little guy who will be ready for class in less than 2 years when he's 4. Those tuition payments add up! Let's just say sending both of them would be more than our current car payment, and almost twice our monthly mortgage payment at our old house.


We've looked into the public schools. In fact, we decided to build our home in the neighborhood we did because of the school assignment. Just in case. I'm planning to register LO there tomorrow so it's all said and done, but it's apparently NOT that easy for me.

And not just because of the typical sentimental mom stuff that happens when you realize your child is growing up right before your eyes. But it's also the thought of putting her into a new school -- a totally new environment, where she knows no one at all. And it's 5 days a week instead of the 3 she's been used to. And it's full days -- 'til 2:30PM, instead of the short half-days she's been accustomed to.

But more than that, it's knowing she'll no longer receive a Christian education. I had no idea how important that truly was to me until I started filling out the public school registration paperwork. The reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks! Will she still get a decent education? Sure... Probably... Hopefully!? But will she learn Bible verses and how to treat others and about the real meanings of Easter and Christmas? Nope. It'll be all about Easter bunnies and Santa Claus. And I hate that!

I know what 'they' always say. "We had a public education and we turned out just fine." Sure. But that was 10, 20, 50 years ago! Things were different then! I guess I'm just scared. I don't like change, and I don't like the uncertainty of it all. This just sucks.

I went ahead and made an appointment with the vice principal next week to take a tour of the school and have a little chat about the kind of individual attention I can expect for my girl. I'm concerned she might be a tad bored initially and I'm curious if they will individualize her education to meet her specific needs. But I also want to ask questions now concerning how my little guy will be received once he starts at that school, too. Not that I'm planning to hash out a 504 plan just yet, but I just want to know that the administration there will be supportive if we find that Chase will need additional attention and safety precautions. I'm hoping to have a sense of peace after visiting the school and hashing through some of my questions/concerns.

Ugh. What is up with this? Why does parenting have to be so tough sometimes?

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  1. I went and visited the public school were my 5 year old is supposed to start kindergarten in the Fall. I left feeling NOT COMFORTABLE AT ALL after talking with the principal. Like you, he is currently in a private Christian school where we can't afford to send two kids. So, after much prayer we will begin homeschooling this fall. Yep, it's a BIG leap, and something I NEVER thought that I would do, but nevertheless here I am. I will be praying for the Lord to guide you as you make this big decision for your daughter!