Friday, July 27, 2012

LO's 5th Birthday: Part 3

Look out, folks! It's another photoriffic post! :)

The morning of LO's 5th birthday began with... birthday pancakes!!! Not the greatest looking "5" but seriously, have you ever tried to flip a pancake in the shape of a 5? It took me two spatulas and a lot of hand-eye coordination! ;)

LO was super happy about her birthday pancake... Here she is making another birthday wish!

We had her birthday dinner at Red Robin, complete with singing, a hot fudge sundae and a balloon! When we got home after church that night, we did have a little ice cream cake with a candle and sang "Happy Birthday"to our girl, led by Chase!

The plan was to continue her "birthday week" with a trip to the beach today (Friday). Unfortunately, it was gonna have a heat index of 105° F, so we opted to scrap the beach plans and come up with a new strategy for our family day o' fun!

We started the morning with a special treat: breakfast at IHOP! We very rarely eat there, but I knew LO loved their silly pancakes, so we headed that way for a super yummy breakfast!

After breakfast we headed to a nearby fun park for a ride around the track on the go carts! It was Chase's first time and he loved it!!


Seriously. Loved. It.


We went inside for some arcade fun, too!

Believe it or not, this is LO bowling... ;)

Told ya!

Chase's turn!!

Giddy up!!!

One of mommy's favorites...

After the fun park/arcade, it was time to head to the pool with family! It was crazy hot, but the pool was refreshing enough.

After the pool, our day o' fun continued at the movie theatre to see Ice Age: Continental Drift. We had a great time and all enjoyed the movie!

You know you were successful in having an awesome, fun-filled day when your kids look like this at 6 o'clock in the afternoon!

We had a great day enjoying time together as a family. I think it was much better than 7 roundtrip hours in the car to sit on the beach in 105 degree heat! And although LO was slightly disappointed when we told her we weren't going to the beach after all, I think she managed to have a decent day anyway. ;)

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