Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Day

If you're here for a bright, shiny, spirit-lifing post, keep browsing the interwebs. If you want to hear the brutal reality of my sucktastic day, read on.

It was a normal day for the most part. LO was back to school (thankyouJesus) and that left just me and Chase. He's still a potty-using fiend which is fabulous on the one hand, but ohsoveryannoying on the other one. He's getting to the point where he's self-sufficient in there, but every time he heads that way a certain very lazy and tired pregnant mama must remove herself from the couch and meet him in there to assist. Imagine that about a dozen times just before lunchtime hits, and you'll have a tiny glimpse into my morning. Oh, and add the fact that the boy, while he was in desperate need of a good #2, simply refused to knock it out and chose instead to wander the living room aimlessly all morning, whining that his tummy hurts. OMG. Seriously?

I won't get into the detail here since I feel it deserves its own lengthy and annoyingly irritating post, but I've been monitoring my blood sugar 4x/day for about a week now and have learned some interesting things. Like I'm on the path to gestational diabetes. Like my doc wants to put me on medication. Like I'm choosing to manage it with diet, which for those of you who know me rather well, know that I am NOT one to make healthy food choices consistently and am NOT one to walk away from sweets. So imagine the fun this is for me. More on that later.

After lunch I decided to call about LO's new furniture. We were told 4 to 6 weeks, but that it typically was coming in earlier like 3 to 4 weeks. It's been 4 so I thought I'd inquire about it. Lo and behold, the woman dares to tell me that LO's bed IS STILL IN PRODUCTION and wouldn't be here until MID-MARCH.

I just died.

I couldn't believe it. You're probably aware that we can't do anything to set up the baby's nursery until we get LO's new furniture and do her room first. So this puts a HUGE delay in getting things ready for the baby. And let's not mention how completely and totally inpatient I am about all things fun and home decor-y. And on top of that, I'm pregnant, people. Ever heard of nesting?! I'm driving myself INSANE not being able to do anything with LO's room or the nursery, but it was okay because the furniture was supposed to be here Any. Nuggin'. Day.


So once I'm done with my first bout of tears over the furniture, Chase and I head out to pick up LO. Boy was I pleased to hear she had a blue day (imagine the rainbow... blue's towards the bottom... 'nuff said). Great. Then there was the fact that a little fender bender took place in the pick-up line that should've resulted in the side of MY vehicle being scraped up, but luckily the rude lady in front of me was talking and wouldn't scoot up for me to go around her, so the guy behind me went around me and was the lucky one to get hit instead.

Then we get home. And I see a huge pile of fresh dog poo in our front yard. Thanks, unknown neighbor or wild dog/coyote.

And as I'm helping LO get set up to do her homework, Chase heads off to the bathroom to go pee. While he was sitting on the potty, he magically managed to pee All. Over. The. Floor. instead of IN the potty.

Whoa. Could this day get any better??

It's nap time. Things are starting to look up for me. Oh, and LO ate some of the Lay's sweet heat southern barbecue potato chips that I left out on the counter and about cried (not really, but sort of) over how hot they were, so that was funny. ;) She kept eating them, though, but then proceeded to clear out her cup of milk from the fridge. It helped make my day just a little better. (I'm a horrible mom.)

Okay, so this sums up my day so far. Yes, I fully realize all of these things are completely trivial and just a blip on the radar compared to what some people are going through, but it's been a crappy day and I just felt like sharing.

Woe is me.

Okay, I'm over it. The End.


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