Monday, June 10, 2013

6 Weeks

Warning: I've had like 11 hours of sleep over the past month. As such, this post will be very random and totally all over the place. ;)

It's hard to believe little E will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. I feel like he's been a part of our family forever! And I'm also surprised it's been almost a month since my last post. Lame! I guess it's fair to say I've had my hands full the past several weeks. Combine that with the measly few interrupted hours of sleep I get each night and maybe y'all can let me off the hook. Yes? Thankyouverymuch.

So as I mentioned, E is almost 6 weeks old. He's pushing almost 10 lbs., which is quite impressive considering he was 6 lbs. 14 oz. at birth and dropped down to 6 lbs. 6 oz. shortly thereafter. I guess I can say he's been eating well, right? Ugh. The nursing. That whole process that is supposed to be so very natural and easy? Notsomuch. My last post shared a bit of the trials of breastfeeding I was experiencing just one short month ago. I'm happy to say we got through that major hurdle and are here on the bright side now. I'm super cautious about my supply and have started the whole regimen of herbs (galactogogues) to keep my supply up for my hungry little hippo, but overall we're seeing a lot of success! This makes me one happy mama!

The older two kids... wow... they've taken to their little brother quite well for the most part. LO is exactly as I thought she'd be: the perfect little junior mama bear. She's constantly rubbing his head, helping with his paci, notifying me immediately when he needs something. She's the first to run to him when he starts to cry (I only gave him about a week or two of that immediate response time before starting to let him work on self-soothing). Chase isn't a huge fan of the crying, but I'll still occasionally catch him chatting with his little brother and "helping" him play with his toys. It's super cute to see how well these two have adjusted.

They even seem to get along with each other kind of good-ish. Sometimes. Rarely. Oh well.

I got a new lens for my camera, and I am absolutely in love! I haven't retouched these next two photos (although I should have before sharing them with you all) but they show off my awesome new 50mm lens.

I love love LOVE this shot!

Oh, so LO went and did a crazy thing earlier this month... she graduated from Kindergarten! Not sure why she's holding her dress weird in this pic, but I'm too lazy to go back to iPhoto to grab a better one. Sorry!

I made my boy some homemade BabyLegs! Basically leg warmers made from socks. These were a pair of my old socks here. Gotta say I love these since I typically only have E in a onesie and so this way, his legs stay warm and it makes diaper changes easier.

These two kids had a sleepover at Mona's house last weekend! It was Chase's VERY FIRST TIME EVER SPENDING THE NIGHT AWAY FROM MOMMY (other than his nights in the PCICU at MUSC when he was born). He did amazing (as I expected) and there was minimal crying involved (all by mommy, of course!). This was one tiny step towards getting me ready to let him start school this fall! Ha!

Saturday after their sleepover we took the kids to DQ for lunch (yum!) and then to a train exhibit in a nearby town. It was small but the kids were super impressed. They both love them some trains! I'm sure their little brother will join in the train fun when he's bigger. We had a great time seeing all the various model train displays and pushing all of the buttons!

This baby. I just love him. Especially that smile of his!!!

All my three loves playing "together." I love LO's face here. You can tell she's just smitten with this baby brother of hers! And Chase, of course, is in his own world playing with baby brother's toys. LOL!

So that's a little recap of some of what we've been up to lately. I promise I'll try to make an effort to post more frequently... for those of you who are still checking in on us! ;)

Now to go make some cupcakes... at 10:24 PM. ((yawn!))

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