Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, LO!

Wow! It's been a month since my last post! Can you tell life gets crazy when you add kiddo #3 to the mix? My goodness... We're settling into our new routine with baby E and luckily he's a super awesome baby, so that helps offset the crazy of his big sister and big bro! LOL!

So today's post is all about sweet little LO's 6th birthday party today! ((Let's just take a moment to let that sink in... I'm writing on my blog TODAY about an event that took place TODAY and publishing it TODAY. This never happens anymore!)) I can't believe she's 6 this week. Where does the time go?? And Chase is such a big kid these days, too... hard to believe he's going to start preschool NEXT MONTH!! Stay tuned for that post, which will most definitely be drenched in lots o' mommy tears.

We celebrated LO's birthday today, although she's not "officially" SIX until Thursday. ;) She wanted a My Little Pony theme and I'm happy to report the girl basically planned her own party! It made things easier on me for her to have her own little opinion on every.single.thing. I'm pretty sure she's happy with how it turned out so we'll consider it a big success! Here are some pics of her big day!

Hello, cupcakes!


Gotta have a pic of the yummy food -- all selected by LO down to the "red" and "green" Pringles. ;)

Little E is getting SOOOOOO big! And look at that proud big sis keeping an eye on him. Love.

This is hilarious. So Chase was in his swim suit with socks. So I asked him to take his socks off so he could go outside for the water games. He came back downstairs a few minutes later, still wearing socks, but now in his Mickey Mouse dress up shorts that I made him for his Halloween costume last year. This kid. He always keeps me laughing!

Now that the swim suit is back on, it's time for backyard water fun! My silly little boy loves him some water!

Who knew making water balloons was so easy, even a 6 year old could do it!

Look at this beautiful niece of mine! She's got a big birthday coming up in just over a month!

Girls demonstrating some serious water balloon concentration and teamwork.

After some quick snacks, it's time to open gifts!

Lots of great fun, from My Little Pony to Hello Kitty to Rapunzel. Every little girl's dream!

Getting ready to blow out her birthday candle! What a beautiful little girl!

Make a wish!!!

A birthday party's not a birthday party until a game of Twister breaks out! LOL!

Of course Chase had to get into the action...

Another shot of this sweetheart. She's trying to get this bike riding thing down by watching her cousins...

Oh -- did we forget? One last gift for the birthday girl... I'd say she approves.

Getting her ride on! This girl loves to fly!

What a wonderful day we had today with lots of our family and friends! We'll be celebrating LO's birthday all.week.long. with lots of fun festivities. And what great timing since she's only got about 31 days of summer left before starting FIRST GRADE. Geez.

Happy 6th Birthday, LO!!! I love you bunches!!!


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And these truly are wonderful shots.

  2. What a wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful celebration for beautiful LO! Thanks for sharing!