Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My 21DSD Experience: Week 2

Okay, folks, week 2 of my 21DSD is complete and I've managed to stay (mostly) on track! I'm looking forward to making it to the end of the detox... I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to enjoy strawberries, grapes and Gala apples again! Haha!

Day 8 - Monday, January 27th

Weight: - .5 lbs.

Physical: I didn't have a hard time getting up this morning and was able to accomplish a lot around the house in my first couple of hours of the day. I haven't had a nap since I started the 21DSD except for Sunday afternoon when EVERYONE in my house was asleep. It was nice to recharge a bit before the busy week!

Mental: I'm still in a good place, which totally surprises me. I can see myself getting through the entire 21 days continuing to do what I've been doing. This is great! I've been changing up the kids' meals a bit as well with the hope to move them away from all processed food. I stopped sending a little "dessert" in their lunch every day and we're not eating desserts at home, so maybe their palate is changing at least a tiny bit (with the exception of LO's school who keeps using Skittles and Oreos for math lessons and the church who doses out chocolate pudding cupS (i.e. TWO!) or FOUR cookies for a morning snack!). Oh well. Ya win some, ya lose some, right? ;)

Day 9 - Tuesday, January 28th

Weight: 0 lbs.

Physical: I'm not sure whether it was me, hubs, or the kids who was shocked the most to see me up this morning BEFORE the rest of the house! Lots of prep last night meant breakfast was a quick fix and lunches were already packed. I was up to greet the day BEFORE 7am, which is completely unheard of. My energy level was great and stayed with me throughout most of the day. I woke very refreshed from a great night of sleep. I've always slept well but last night seemed extra good!

Mental: I'd be lying if I said I don't get excited to jump on the scale every morning for a quick peek at (one form of) my progress, but honestly I wasn't too concerned to see no change today. I'm just feeling too good to care, I guess! I'm hopeful I'll continue to see some weight loss, but it isn't my #1 priority of the 21DSD. I'm happy that I've basically eliminated sugary snacks/treats for the kids at home and in their school lunches. I'm happy that I've lost 6.5 lbs. I'm happy that I'm feeling better and sleeping better. And I'm super psyched to get my new 21DSD Cookbook tomorrow! I will add that by the end of the night, I did find myself eating a banana even though I know I wasn't feeling the slightest bit hungry. I can definitely see how food is a mental game and not just physical. I tried to talk myself out of the banana, but ultimately my craving/desire won out. Gotta work on this!

Day 10 - Wednesday, January 29th

Weight: - 1 lb.

Physical: Overall I've felt well but still want to get my lazy, oversized butt into our gym! Geez!

Mental: This is definitely a mental game and anyone that says otherwise is crazy!!! I made the choice this morning that I was NOT going to "cheat" with any of my little cheats today (i.e. more than one banana or apple in a day or a tiny square of 85% chocolate). I had to keep making that choice throughout the entire day, over and over again. As a reward for my good behavior (again, rewarding behavior is a mental thing... I still need to work on this!), I made doughnuts from the 21DSD Cookbook. Win!!! They were amazing and the perfect non sweet treat to make me feel like a cheater!!!

Day 11 - Thursday, January 30th

Weight: - .8 lbs.

Physical: It's been pretty lazy around the house with 2 snow days, 3 kids and both hubs and I all home since Tuesday afternoon. I hadn't so much as ventured out of the house until dinner tonight at a local Mexican restaurant. And just FYI... I did great! I made some paleo tortilla chips to bring along, which were awesome with salsa and helped me not feel like I was missing out on anything, and ordered some amazing steak and chicken fajitas (minus the tortillas, rice and sour cream). I did allow some cheese and beans tonight, which are essentially cheats, but it was still way better than my old usual!

Mental: I guess this is kind of the half-way point of the 21DSD, right? I'm proud of myself for making it this far, but honestly I haven't put a lot of thought into what I'm doing. It's becoming like second nature to me to make the food choices I'm making. I don't feel restricted by this lifestyle and certainly haven't been counting down the days 'til the end, which I think is a great thing!

Day 12 - Friday, January 31st

Weight: - 0 lbs.

Physical: I know it's getting old, but I'm still waiting for that burst of energy to get me onto the treadmill in our gym. I'm so lame!!!

Mental: Still feel great overall and overall very encouraged with my progress!

Day 13 - Saturday, February 1st

Weight: + .8 lbs.

Physical: A little gain today but that can totally be explained my the mini concrete mixer (chocolate peanut butter cup w/ M&Ms) I had Friday night from Culver's. It was a very calculated cheat rather than a spur of the moment kind, which is definitely considered progress in my book! I was having a rough day and hubs was feeling it too and we decided together to "reward" ourselves and It. Was. Awesome. I was surprised how much I tasted all of the flavors of my treat and, most notably, the fake chocolate flavor!! I was so surprised! It was so good and the only problem was that my body DIDN'T fight me on it. I was hoping for an upset stomach or something but my body embraced that frozen custard like it was its job! Guess I'll still need to be careful after the 21DSD!

Mental: See above. ;)

Day 14 - Sunday, February 2nd

Weight: - .3 lbs.

Physical: I might've ate a bit too much tonight with the exciting Super Bowl menu I created, but it was all 21DSD approved! The Pulled Pork Barbecue Waffle Sliders had to be my fave! And those waffles are savory and will be the perfect match for a bacon and egg sandwich tomorrow morning!

Mental: I've lost 7.8 lbs. in 14 days so how can I feel anything other than excited and proud of my accomplishments? And I've REALLY stuck with the 21DSD do much better than I ever dreamed! I consider the 0.1% of "cheats" completely negligible!

One more week to go!!!

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