Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On the Move!

Oh no!! My little darling is on the move! E mastered the army crawl over the weekend and my baby-proofing has gone into high gear! It's ridiculous how much stuff LO and Chase have that is considered choking hazards for a baby (loom bands anyone!?).

Cleaning is no fun, but watching this little guy slither across the carpet sure is! Check him out!

I must admit, this move of his is rather reminiscent of another little fella in our house, circa fall 2010:


In fact, I showed the video above to hubs and he asked if I had taken it yesterday morning because he was in a different outfit... LOL! Of course I pointed out how little LO was and then he realized this one is Chase! It's so funny how similar these army crawls are... right down to using that big toe to get some traction on the carpet! Oh, and for reference purposes, the video of Chase was taken on the day he turned 11 months old. Not too shabby for a sweet boy with two heart surgeries under his belt!

Well I suppose I should get back to vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen floor. Seriously, this guy is fast!

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