Friday, July 25, 2014

7th Birthday Fun - Part I

Well, I guess it's true! My sweet baby girl is turning *7* today!!! I still can barely believe it. Time really does go by waaaaaay too fast!

So we started the big day with our usual celebratory fare: birthday pancakes!

Then LO was able to open her gifts from Mommy, Daddy and her brothers. She was pretty excited about it and I couldn't imagine making her wait all day to open them (more for my own sanity than anything else... LOL!).

First up... one of the My Little Pony books she's been pining for!

I think she was happy. ;)

Another new My Little Pony book! Terrible pic, but she was pretty ecstatic to see this one, too!

New pj's!

Oh... she's pretty happy to see what's in this next box!

A dress with a pony?! SCORE!!! :)

A new framed pic for her horse-themed bedroom! I took this photo when she and I went to visit my friend and her horse. She was so excited to help care for the horses! I took this one of her and Beau when she took him out to graze, then matted and framed it to match her room! I can't wait to see this one up on her wall!

This last gift was tricky! I wrote a note on it that said to open it ONLY IF she loves to read. Of course, she does and of course, she opened it...

It's her new Kindle Paperwhite! I gotta admit, I was pretty stoked to see a ridiculous deal on these things when I logged into Amazon a few months ago (yes, months). I'm a fan of all things Apple, so adding a non-Apple electronic to the family was a pretty big deal for us, but it was such an amazing deal, I would've been crazy to pass on it. I still don't know how to use the thing, but I was able to get several books she's been wanting to read on it for her to get started with, so I guess that's a pretty big win. And I have no doubt she can show me how it all works by the end of the day. ;)

There's much more to come for our birthday weekend o' fun! A movie, dinner at her fave restaurant and a party at the water park are all on the schedule! It will be super great!

I love this girl bunches and I can't wait to celebrate HER all weekend long!!!

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