Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Make-A-Wish... Getting There!

The whirlwind continues! As I last mentioned, Chase had a wonderful day this past Friday (12/12) as part of Macy's National Believe Day! After the fun at Macy's, we came home and literally had just enough time for the kids to take a short nap while I left around 4:30 PM to pick up a cake and head up to the church to set up and decorate for the Children's Ministries' Christmas party I had organized, which was scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM.

The kids all had a wonderful time at the party, although Chase didn't eat as much as normal and wasn't really acting like himself. I figured he was just tired and overstimulated from a really busy, awesome day. He complained that his stomach hurt, and then even refused cake and ice cream. At that point, I knew something was really up with him!

I took him to the bathroom just in time for him to throw up. THREE TIMES. The poor thing! I felt so terrible for him after such a fun and exciting day! He obviously wasn't feeling well, so we left the party a bit early to get him home and into bed. He threw up again in the car on the way home and then again after we had him settled into his bed. The poor boy! Luckily he didn't have a temperature (whew!) and was able to get a good night's sleep. He woke up Saturday morning feeling more like himself and the worst seemed to be behind him.

We had a busy, yet relatively relaxing Saturday, trying to prepare for the next phase of Chase's wish: our departure to New York for Chase's visit to the Nintendo World Store. It was not surprisingly a late night Saturday night. Oh, and I should mention, we would be driving on our trip to New York. Of course we had the option to fly, but we I chose to drive because I'm not a big fan of flying. Plus packing enough stuff for myself and three kids as well as hubs' stuff, I couldn't imagine handling all of that on an airplane! Enough clothing and baby/kid gear for a week?? No way. Driving would be our only option as far as I was concerned. ;)

Sunday morning began early as usual as I headed to church to play the piano for our morning worship service, and the kids were all up earlier than usual as they were singing a special song during the service. They did great, even though Chase refused to sing and eventually sat down on the floor while the rest of the children continued the music. I've learned to let that boy march to the beat of whatever drum he's listening to at the time. Lol!

After the service it was time for the Quiz Class Christmas Party and the craft/activity I had arranged for them. From there? LO's friend's birthday party at the skating rink! So much glow fun!!!

Then, home for a BRIEF moment before it was time for mommy to head back up to church for an amazing Christmas worship & media concert where I played piano, sang a few songs with the choir and even had a very rare solo! Whoa! Would you believe me if I told you I purposefully made the decision NOT to take on too much this holiday season?? ;)

After the worship service, it was crunch time! We had a lot of packing and laundry to do! Another late night for mommy and daddy. WHEW. Luckily we were able to get a decent amount done although we knew there'd be plenty to finish up Monday morning.

So Monday morning arrives along with a phone call for hubs from his mom telling him the news of his grandma passing during the night. This wasn't completely unexpected but it was hard to hear nonetheless. So as we made preparations for Chase's amazing Make-A-Wish trip, we also had to process this incredible loss and the impact it would have on our trip.

We finally hit the road Monday around noon with a plan to stay in Harrisburg, Pennsylvsnia for the night so we wouldn't have a very long drive into the city on Tuesday. Overall the drive went well, the stay in PA was uneventful and we arrived in New York City around 2PM on Tuesday.

The Lincoln Tunnel!!!


Hubs' parents were meeting us at the hotel so we would have some extra help with the kids for Chase's visit to the Nintendo World Store. We hit the town for a nice dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner, definitely a fun spot for tourists!

A balloon artist made a lovely custom pink and purple unicorn for LO during dinner!

Guess what (or should I say WHO) Chase requested?

Yep! Mario!!

Dessert? Yes, please!! A slice of Wicked cake! It was delish!!

On the walk back to the hotel, we happened to notice a few of the more notable highlights of Midtown!

Finally we returned to the hotel and settled everyone into bed for a quiet, restful night.

Or so we thought.

Literally moments after hubs and I finally let our heads hit our pillows, we heard the unmistakable sound of vomit being expelled by our 19-month-old in his pack n' play in the darkness of our hotel room.


A late-night clean-up and pajama change for E, then he fell asleep in the bed next to me. Poor, pitiful boy!!

I gave him about 10 minutes or so before I made the transition back to his pack n' play. Literally seconds after hubs and I attempted to settle in for the night the second time, we heard that oh-so-familiar sound again.

Fast-forward through another late-night clean-up and pajama change for E, and you'd find him asleep in bed next to me again. This time I was smart enough to let him be. So hubs got to hit the couch. Ha! But happily, E slept great and seemed to be feeling much better by Wednesday morning... just in time for Chase's trip to the Nintendo World Store!!! :))

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