Friday, January 1, 2016

NYE 2015

We had such a wonderful time celebrating New Year's Eve with friends! I think we had 8 adults and 12 kids! It was quite a fun and exciting night, and here are a few pics to recap the evening, in no particular order...

Cup stacking game!

E posing in the party hat he decorated himself.

One of the biggest hits of the night? The Popcorn Bar. Butter popcorn, caramel popcorn, and CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! I'm not sure if the adults or the kids were more excited by the deliciousness. ;)

More popcorn and candy! Yes, please!

Popcorn and a show meant the house was suddenly much quieter for a few precious moments. ;)

I did another balloon countdown, but this year I decided to just number the balloons (1-10) instead of put times on them. This made it much more relaxing and fun because we weren't stuck adhering to a set schedule. Some activities took longer than I would've thought, and some of them were over in minutes, so this flexibility was a welcome addition to our evening. A big bonus? We had 10  kids big enough to participate in the process of popping the balloons, so it was extra nice that each kid had the chance to pop a balloon.

Outside we had fun with glow necklaces and s'mores! Kids totally love glow-up stuff. Such cheap entertainment!

Here's a breakdown of our New Year's Eve activities for the kids. I kept this handy so I knew what would be happening before the balloon was popped. This allowed me a few minutes to prepare for the activity, which really helped the night run smoothly.

Karaoke was a big score and the dancing was unexpected entertainment for the parents! Haha!

LO singing one of her favorite "My Little Pony" jams.

Plenty of sparkling white grape juice for everyone to toast the new year!

Mmmmmm... cake! I used cookies for the "2016" along with gold sprinkles. We celebrated the new year with cake and sparkling juice. I sense a new tradition!

We had such a wonderful time with old and new friends on New Year's Eve. We are so grateful that God has brought new families into our lives with amazing kiddos that our kids love spending time with. God is so good and always meets our needs in His time.

We are praying for God's blessings over all of the immediate and extended families represented at our home as well as our church, community, and our nation in 2016!

Happy New Year!

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