Friday, March 18, 2016

The One with the Train Ride

We had a busy day last Saturday with spring ball practice for both LO and Chase, so we decided to make a day of it at the park. One practice at 11 AM, some fun at the playground, a picnic lunch, a train ride, and another practice at 2 PM.

Somebody was pretty excited about riding the train!

These sweet faces. They are my world!

Clown. Times two. I can't get enough of them and their silliness. Is that a boy thing? 'Cause they keep me laughing All. The. Time.

Such goofballs. LOVE.

I couldn't help but ask for a pic with Mr. Conductor! What fun!

We had such a great day! And all of this train fun reminded me of this post when we took LO on a train ride at another local park back in 2010. Go check out that post. I promise watching that video of 3-year-old LO is the best thing you will do today! ;)

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