Tuesday, May 3, 2016

E's 3rd Birthday!

We had a great time celebrating E's 3rd birthday last weekend! We started off with birthday pancakes (for dinner since the hubs and I signed up for a 5K the morning of E's birthday). I picked myself up an early birthday gift in a new camera, so apologies in advance for some of these pics as I'm still working out the settings...

Make a wish!

Big guy! {In major need of a haircut!}

Love how he counts to "3" using his fingers.

Cupcakes and goodies!

LO helped me out with the decorating. Can you tell? ;)

Birthdays are more fun with cousins! Could they BE more smiley!?

Ready for singing, cake, and ice cream!

Make a wish, E!!!

Presents! Lots of THOMAS!!!

A Thomas card that plays music? Yes, please!

He really liked it!

Somebody had a captive audience while he opened his presents...

More cards!

What? An umbrella?? "That's nice," says E!

Thomas rain boots ftw!

This goofy guy has my heart!

This game was a BIG hit -- literally! Special thanks to the cousins for blowing up all of the gigantic bowling pins!

Time to play with bubbles outside. Love them cheeks!

Bubbles + Cousins = FUN!

More Thomas and more bubbles!

Silly goofball with his new Thomas boots and umbrella! Loves them!

So happy to be this guy's mama. He's the sweetest, funniest, silliest, giggliest addition to our family.



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