Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Squish is Eight Months Old!

Happy 8 months, Squishy!

Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy 8 Months (+1 day) to my sweet Squishy!!!

Can we take a moment to bask in the fact that I was only ONE DAY LATE in taking his 8 month photos? Thank you, St. Valentine, for just the push I needed!

He wasn't nearly as smiley as he was last month, but I don't mind! Sometimes you just have to focus on the little (okay, BIG FAT!) details of baby numero IV. #wristsandthighsyall

Seriously. Let's just take another quick look at them thighs! What!? #squishyfordayzzz

Not too much new to report this month. He does love to stand (as evidenced above). And he's still eating and growing and sleeping (though never quite long enough for mommy) and being super chill and fun and awesome. He sits up independently for periods of time and still loathes tummy time. See?

Pretty much the second I put him down on his belly he gets M•A•D and immediately insists on flipping over on his back. Whatevs. He'll figure it out eventually. No rush here! I'm just enjoying every sweet moment with this gorgeous baby of ours. He literally is the best.

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