Sunday, December 9, 2018

Snow Day // 2018

// Still playing catch up on the blog... posting on 6/7/19. Better late than never?

- - - - -

It snowed in December. We felt obligated to enjoy it for the one day it'd stick around, especially since the entire county shuts down here in South Carolina when a single flurry is spotted.

O was excited about his first time playing in the snow...

...until he had to gear up! As you can see, he wasn't a fan. LOL!

The older three didn't have any issues with the snow.

O was still not a fan.

He didn't find any joy in the white stuff.

Nice side-eye to the snow-covered roof, O. LOL!

Look out! Chase nails 'em!

O? Still. Not. A. Fan.

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