Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Years // 2018

// Still playing catch up on the blog... I'm actually posting this on 6/7/19. Better late than never?

- - - - -

Time to celebrate the New Year! We had so much fun partying with our besties 'til late into the night! E found the noisemakers... shocking.

This guy looks like he's ready to ring in the new year in style!

LO and our littlest. Sweet loves!

E's ready to toast to the new year with one of his BFFs!

These two. I hope to use this image in the slideshow I'll inevitably play at the rehearsal dinner before their big wedding day!

Back at home, we had our countdown balloons to get us through midnight! The kids LOVE doing these every year! We put fun activities in each balloon and label them for every 30 minutes. Then the kids take turns being the one to pop open each balloon at the specified time and lead the next activity. So much fun!

We had a great time welcoming 2019!

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