Friday, July 26, 2019

LO's 12th Birthday

We had such a wonderful day celebrating our sweet girl's 12th birthday today!

LO was adamant about NOT wanting a birthday party this year. She's turning into such a pre-teen, amiright? She didn't want all kinds of attention on her with people singing and what-not, so I agreed that we wouldn't put together any sort of party. Just a fun, relaxing week of family time!

This morning began with our gold standard: birthday pancakes! Miss Thang is old enough to handle the fire stuff herself now, thankyouverymuch, but not so old that she can't pull off wearing adorable bunny pajamas. 😂

Seriously. Twelve. 1-2. I desperately tried convincing her to go with turning "11 v2.0" but she was pretty set on 12. #sigh

My gorgeous girl! In case you weren't aware, girlfriend got herself some braces 2 weeks ago today, actually. Only 30-something months to go...

Make a wish, sweet girl!

So many candles, y'all! 

After breakfast, we went to her violin lesson, then home for some Minecraft fun. After that, the family hit the road and grabbed lunch at Culver's (this should not come as a shock to those of you who know us well). After lunch, we headed downtown to The Children's Museum of the Upstate! One annual family pass later, and we're in! We had a bunch of family fun! It was Squish's first time at the museum, so he had a really great time checking the place out.

Back at home, we enjoyed MY favorite time of every day: quiet time! Squish went down for a nap and the big 3 went to their rooms for quiet time. This gave me a chance to get things ready for our evening.

The birthday girl requested steak, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans for dinner. And rather than cake, she actually asked for a chocolate chip pie! That's her daddy's favorite dessert, so it didn't surprise me too much that she wanted the same. But the BIG SHOCKER for all of us??


Whaaaaaaat????! I'm pretty sure this may have been the first time my husband has ever baked a dessert in almost 14 years of marriage. Way to go, hubs!!!

After dinner, it was time for gifts!

The stash!

She's a little bit excited. 😉

My sweet girl LOOOOOOVVVVVVEESSSS crafting! All things crafty!! She asked for Amazon gift cards because she planned to buy more crafting supplies. I went ahead and hooked her up with a few things.

A book. This is her opening a book. She was super thrilled just at the mere fact it was a book. She didn't even know which book it was at this point. There's just so much excitement here!

She loved this bookThe U.S. Constitution and Other Key American Writings. Yes. You read that right.

She's especially excited about this one because she's studying for the US History I CLEP exam, and this is just right up her alley!

A new violin book!

What could it be?? She's so excited!!

She's SOOOOOOO excited!!!

Literally. Have you ever seen someone so stoked about some canvases? This was like $7 for 5 canvases, and it may have ben her most favorite gift! LOL!

Hmmm... maybe THIS one was her favorite! hahahahaha!

She loves creating things, and this modeling clay is her favorite.

We were so grateful to have my mama stop by to bring LO her birthday gift tonight. 💖

Almost done with the gifts... 

Oh how exciting! A ukulele book! But she doesn't have a ukulele!

Or does she?? LOL!

Super random, but an impromptu hug occurred between these two and I had to document it. This NEVER happens, and it warmed my mama heart like crazy to see it!

Time for birthday pie!

Back to work, sweet birthday girl! That's a LOT of candles!

She approved! Daddy did an amazing job on the chocolate chip pie!

This guy loved his pie and ice cream. But apparently watching Elmo on TV was more important than paying me the slightest bit of attention.

This little bro loved his pie, too!

Oh! And this one, too! Sweet smiley boy!

Back to the uke! She flipped through a few pages in this book and started playing a bunch of songs... after she tuned it first, of course! Good girl!

Happy 12th Birthday, sweet girl!

Your mama loves you bunches!

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