Thursday, February 5, 2009


People. I bought this the other day:

That's right! Ten assorted colors of kids' paint. According to Crayola, "Washable Kid’s Paint is ideal for arts and crafts, posters, and school projects. The paints are easy to apply with brushes, sponges, stamps, stencils, and other tools, and they can be used on almost any surface." Sounds like fun, right?

Actually... I'm not sure. I haven't even opened the box yet. I was thinking LO and I could do a fun little art project, but I just can't get myself over the idea of how big of a mess it will make! I'm debating waiting until the Spring when we can take her table outside for an art project--or at least take HER outside to hose her off once we're finished.

I also totally just noticed -- these are little bottles of paint. Like, regular paint. NOT finger paint, like I thought I was buying. It says on the box that the paints are designed to easily wash from skin and most children's clothing... At this point, I think it's a lot to ask of an 18-month-old to use brushes, sponges, stamps, stencils, etc. Let's face it: she'll use her fingers.

Maybe my closer scrutiny of the packaging warrants a trip back to Target to buy some FINGER paint.


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