Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sick n' Tired

My precious little one was sick yesterday. Keep in mind, she's 18 months old, right? Well, this was the FIRST TIME in her life that she's had a fever. The FIRST TIME in her life that she's been sick enough to require two doses of Tylenol in the same day. Luckily, we can still say our 18-month record of never making a sick visit to the pediatrician's office is still in tact. Sweet.

So since my baby girl was a bit clingy and whiny (more so than usual), I decided to forgo our TV viewing schedule (i.e. one 30-minute Elmo DVD per day), and got out my old VHS tape of The Little Mermaid. I laid down on the couch, had LO snuggle up next to me, grabbed a blanket and her precious Teddy, and pressed Play.

About 20 minutes into the movie, I glanced down and LO and--sure enough!--her little eyes were closed and she was out cold! My baby girl took a good 45 minute nap right there next to me on the couch while watching our Disney movie. This had to be one of the most precious "Mommy Moments" I've experienced during this adventure known as motherhood. I grabbed the cellphone to snap a picture of this unforgettable moment. If you know LO, you know that she's never been much of a "cuddle-er" and usually is movin' and shakin' during the daytime, so such a moment as this was far too wonderful to keep to myself!


  1. The cellphone picture was brilliant. When you don't have a cuddler, you definitely want to document those times they do cuddle up, even if they aren't feeling well when they do. Glad she is feeling better!