Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of my mom friends, especially all of you heart mamas out there!

Here's a quick recap since Friday...

We had Chase's cardiology appointment Friday morning and I'm ECSTATIC to say he did AMAZING!!! He wasn't a big fan of getting his bp's or o2, which is so very typical. However, he was a STUD-MUFFIN when it came to his echo, which was the more important part of the process! He laid still and watched "Curious George" on his iPod while mommy held his hands and daddy kept his legs still. We didn't have to hold him down per se, but just sort of prevent him from getting up or fighting us. He didn't fight at all! He was amazing for all of the 15-20 minutes they needed for his echo. Then we went back to the exam room and waited on the doctor. He was completely pleased with Chase's echos, bp's, sats and pulses. He kept us on the same meds (Enalapril for bp and 1/2 baby aspirin) and said, "See ya in 6 months!!!" That's exactly what I was hoping to hear! This will be the longest time we've gone between cardiology appointments! What a blessing!

Friday was also my birthday, so Chase's cardiology news was the Best. Present. Ever!!! Hubs then took me out to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and we enjoyed the BEST dinner of my life! It was amazing.

I enjoyed some yummy pancakes and strawberries for breakfast this morning, compliments of hubs. I also opened my Mother's Day gift from LO that she made at school. It was a beautiful 11x17 laminated collage of pictures of her throughout her first school year. I just love it so much!!! See?

After I opened LO's gift, it was off to church! Then after church we went to the park with my family and the kids had a great time! Here are some pics that highlight the fun! Enjoy!

LO was happy to run freeeeeeeee!!

I'm not sure she was "posing" for this... I'm pretty sure this was just her sporting some attitude.

Love this pic of the kids -- LO's face cracks me up!

One tough little dude!

Happy, happy boy!!! :)

Just love this boy to pieces!!!

Bring out the bubbles, and this guy brings out the smiles!

Just another crazy face of LO...

Somebody got to try her hand at baseball with her cousins... She had a blast! Notice she's gone lefty on us?

Taking a water break.


  1. LOVE these pics, especially the laminated one of LO! Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  2. Fun!! Love the pics!

    I'm so glad you all got good news at the cardio's office! Whew! We go Wednesday..I'm always so nervous.

    Happy belated birthday. I've been wanting to go to Ruth's Chris. I'm glad to know that you loved it. I'll have to talk the hubby into taking me soon. Recommendations?