Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prayers for Cardiology Appointment

Chase has his cardiology appointment on Friday morning. I always get a pit in my stomach in the days leading up to these appointments, afraid of them finding something unexpected. It's been 3 months since his last visit, but only about 5 weeks since his last echo (during the heart cath).

Of course I'm nervous about getting him to cooperate as well. Can't blame him. How many 18 month olds so YOU know who will sit still for 4 blood pressures, an o2 sat check AND an echo? Seriously. He surprised us last time by doing so great... I'm afraid it was a fluke and he's gonna FLIP. OUT. this time. But I'm also hoping that since Friday is my birthday, he will cooperate (at least somewhat) as his gift to me! LOL! Guess we'll find out soon enough!

Please keep us and Chase specifically in your prayers, especially Friday morning. I'm praying I'll hear the doc say, "See ya in SIX months!" 'cause that'll mean everything looks great!!!

One last thing... I wanted to share this great poem I found on a fellow heart mom's blog earlier tonight. It sure does express how I feel! Just imagine it says, "he/him" instead of "she/her..."

I tucked her into bed tonight
(And adjusted her pillow and blankie)
It's been a long exhausting day
(And she sure has been cranky)

She threw every toy from her toy box
And she tossed all her lunch on the floor
She begged me to go out to play
(She just wouldn't let go of the door)

Most people cannot comprehend
The things she has been through
They tell me... "I just can't imagine..."
"How you do all the things that you do."

I sigh... just because they don't realize
How could they ever know?
Just what a precious gift it is
To watch my child grow.

I still remember clearly
Our days in ICU
Hoping, praying, wondering
What were you going through?

Stroking your hand...feeling helpless
Whispering words in your ear
"It's alright my baby"
"Mommy is right here".

Wanting to just see you smile
Thinking..."I"m not strong enough"
To make it through this trial.

Knowing that... not all children
Survive these surgeries
Day by day...with patience
Constantly praying...for peace.

And so...that is the "secret"
To doing the things...I must do
There is no perfect...inner strength
I guess God brought us through.

And so...when I see... footprints
All over my freshly mopped floor
Or gooey dried bananas
Smudged on the living room door

I wipe it off...with just a smile
Just praying for more to appear
These are my reminders
I'm blessed to have her here.

I tucked her into bed tonight
And as I walked away
I looked up for a moment...and said
"Thank you...for "today".

~Stephanie Husted


  1. I cannot read a single poem Stephanie writes without tears flowing freely down my face. The woman is so talented. She always puts it so perfectly. How blessed we are to have her as a fellow heart mom to put our emotions into words when we can't!

    Praying for Chase's appointment. We have one coming next week and I totally understand the feeling! So much can happen in three months. Lots of prayers for good news and for cooperation! I have two words of advice: RING POPS! We don't go to a doctor's appointment without them! They're fantastic. We gave D one during his last echo and he was so still and cooperative (and he was 18 months old). Hopefully that can work for you. We'll be anxiously awaiting good news from the appointment.


  2. Will be praying for sure - for both a cooperative little guy and GREAT results! xoxo

  3. Praying praying for Chase to have a fantastic appointment full of quiet cooperation. :)

  4. Stephanie really does write the best poems about our kiddos. We are truly blessed to have her be a part of our community!

    Saying MANY prayers for Chase's appointment!!

  5. good luck with his appt, i will be praying for your cute boy :) and what a great poem!

  6. I am definitely keeping Chase and you in my prayers. I always get really scared before cardiology appointments too. Hope has NEVER cooperated and I have given up even thinking it might happen. The waiting room gets to quite the earful whenever she is is actually pretty sad. I hope Chase is much better behaved and the results are wonderful.