Friday, November 4, 2011

Cardiology Appointment Results

I owe you guys a serious blog post or two (hello, Chase's new bedroom, Halloween, cardiology appointment, etc.!?) but this'll have to be a short n' sweet one tonight. We are VERY blessed to share that Chase's cardiology check-up this morning was fantastic! Praise the Lord! While we did have some "issues" with the office staff (let's just imagine 20 patients, 4 exam rooms and 1.5 nurses... you do the math!) and it took a whopping 3 hours to get in and out of there, Chase was his typical Rock Star self and amazed the crap out of everybody! He's up to 28 lbs. and 34" tall. When the doctor was reviewing the notes before coming in to speak with us (after the BPs, echo, etc.), he saw the weight (which was actually 12.5kg) and thought to himself, "Hmmm... So what do we have here? A 3-year-old hypoplast..." ((reading through notes until he sees Chase's 2nd birthday was just last week)) and was in complete shock & awe that our little 28 lb. hypoplast is just barely 2 years old! This is a GREAT thing to hear! We have definitely been blessed by Chase's weight gain and the fact that he's never been on an ng-tube (other than during his first surgery/hospital stay), never even had a mention of a g-tube, never had any oral aversions, didn't have to fortify his bottles, etc. Weight gain has never really been an issue with him and we are truly blessed by that!

Anywho, we head back in 6 months -- exactly what I wanted to hear! I am continually amazed at God's goodness and faithfulness when it comes to this special miracle child He blessed me with. I will continue to pray each day for His continued blessings in our lives!

Here's a pic of Chase today during his echo. Not a care in the world! Nothing that a Go, Diego! Go! DVD, his monkey and a paci can't take care of anyway!

Thanks for your prayers and continued support!!!


  1. Yay for great appoitments!! :) How on earth did you chunk him up to 28 pounds? I need some advice! Derrick is 2 1/2 and still weighs 21 lbs. Ha!

    Great news!!

  2. Wow! Go Chase Go! I'm with Shannon- Aly is 2 1/2 and is 21 lbs too!! Tips please!! :)
    And I cannot believe how still he sits for echos. That NEVER happens in our world. Aly hasn't had an unsedated echo since Norwood days!

  3. Yes, you definitely have a rock star!! I love having Chase as a constant reminder to me of God's grace and goodness to us all. I can't wait to see what this boy does with his life when he grows up.