Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Birthday Boy!

I cannot believe this handsome little boy of mine is THREE! We've had a fun birthday weekend and it's been such a joy to celebrate the amazingness of this sweet little miracle of mine!

On his actual birthday (yesterday, 10/26), we started the day with birthday pancakes! He wasn't completely awake yet, but was cooperating considering there was chocolate milk involved...

A yummy blueberry birthday pancake for my 3-year-old!

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here's my big boy, ready to blow out the candles on his pancake!

We enjoyed a fun (albeit busy) Friday and enjoyed a little family pizza party for dinner. Chase was able to open a few gifts from Mommy & Daddy before bedtime.

This morning (Saturday), was PARTY TIME!!! We had a yummy spread of food and some cute decorations, which I forgot to take pictures of (doh!). Chase opened his presents, and unfortunately our camera was on a crappy setting so all of them turned out ridiculously blurry and totally unusable. FAIL!

I was able to get a pic of his birthday banner I made, though. I love that I can swap out the Thomas images to reuse the banner for future birthdays.

After presents, it was time for cake and ice cream! We prepared to sing to the boy and he assumed the following position (LOL!):

Silly boy!!!

Yay! Singing is over... time to make a wish!

And blow out the candle!

Yummy cake!

So here's a little pic of the cupcakes. Chase requested chocolate cupcakes and I paired them with a delicious vanilla bean buttercream. Apparently they were a hit! Unfortunately my lack of sweet tooth these days means I didn't try one myself, but I think they sure were pretty cute!

I also made some fun water bottles but again, forgot to take pictures of them until after the party. But here are some empties!

So fun and so cute!

After the party it was, of course, nap time! Yay! All four of us took a nice nap before heading over to our neighborhood's fall festival in the pool parking lot that is literally across the street from our house. The kids got to dress up in their halloween costumes that mommy made for them!

LO the unicorn and Chase as Mickey Mouse!

I thought it was hilarious to see LO try to bob for apples... although I think that unicorn horn might've held her back a bit.

Not to be outdone by big sis, Chase took his turn at the bobbing, although he was much more interested in using his hands since the biting part turned out to be so tough.

All in all, it's been a wonderful weekend of celebrating this special miracle that God brought into our lives 3 years ago. I can't help but think of all he's been through and how he's had to fight over and over again to be here with us and I can't thank God enough! We are so truly blessed by this child!

I never want to forget all he's been through and I've reminded myself again today by watching the dedication video I put together for him that shows the journey we've been on. He is a fighter, a miracle and my very own hero.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Chase! I love you bunches, sweet boy!

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