Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh, Poo!

So I know I owe you guys the great big Disney World post of 2012, but sometimes life gets in the way and we get distracted. This morning was a perfect case in point!

Not only am I trying to keep my daughter's elementary school updated with the various happenings as our Facebook page admin, plus working with her teacher to plan and organize the class holiday (CHRISTMAS) party, plus planning and preparing for my sister's baby shower (YAY!) as well as getting ready to completely overhaul Chase's room next weekend (whew!), plus working extra holiday hours at The Store and decorating the house for Christmas plus shopping for gifts and working on my annual iPhoto Christmas project and cooking/cleaning... whoa. I think you get the point. So with all of that going on, I'm trying to find time to post about our Disney World trip, which unfortunately is not the priority on my growing list of things to do...

Anywho, the point of today's post? Poo. Oh, yes, friends. Poo.

With my first day (in what seems like FOREVER) without any plans to be anywhere or do anything but lounge at home, I was taking advantage of my Friday morning by napping intermittently on the couch while Chase played with some toys and watched PBS. This is my FAVORITE morning activity by far -- especially since it's what I did almost daily during my first trimester.

So I'm half asleep on the couch and I hear Chase in the downstairs play area saying he needed my help. Of course I tried to get out of it but after asking a few questions about what he needs, I hear him mention the word: Poo.

Crap (literally! haha!). I got up off the couch as quickly as my overweight, out-of-shape, almost 18-week pregnant body would allow and found this. Obviously we can all agree I have a hard core commitment to documenting our lives via electronic media since my first instinct was, of course, to take pictures rather than address the issue at hand.


Can someone please explain to me how poo went from the back, top area of his diaper all the way to his feet??! I expected that perhaps it had "dripped" down his leg, but no. His legs were clean. Just his little foot was covered in poo. I have no idea how little Houdini made this happen. But I was certainly grossed out. Not what I had planned for my quiet, relaxing Friday morning of napping.

So after stripping him down and cleaning up the poo, I sat him next to the sink to wash his feet off. Within a matter of moments, the entire kid was submerged in a sink bath!

He was having a wonderful time! It was so funny because I'm pretty sure our kids have NEVER been sink bathers, even as little ones that would actually fit in our sink. So it was pretty hilarious to see this big 3-year-old of mine stuffed into a sink bath. But he had a blast!

This next one is pretty blurry, but I think it does a good job of capturing his joy of sink bathing. I just love this kid to pieces!!!

And not to leave you guys hanging, I thought I'd share a little teaser photo of Disney if for no other reason than to prove that the trip DID happen and that you WILL be seeing photos and a recap here... eventually. ;)


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