Wednesday, December 19, 2012

20 Weeks

So yesterday marked 20 weeks with this pregnancy, and I'm happy to share we had a good report on our little baby. Granted, it was basically the kind of appointment where you wait in the exam room for over an hour so they could throw a doppler on your belly for 30 seconds to listen to the baby's heartbeat (which I can do myself at home as needed) and send you on your way. ((sigh)) I'm so impatient. This will never change.

Some less than appealing news I received from my doctor was that, based on my medical history and the current medications I'm taking, it's essentially a given that I will FAIL my glucose screen at 28 weeks, which will result in my having to check my blood sugar at least 4 times a day. It may also result in me taking another medication, which, if that med doesn't work, I'll have to give myself insulin. This will continue through the remaining 3 months of this pregnancy.

As you may imagine, I was less than thrilled with this news.

While it will be a ginormous pain to manage this with diet, exercise, blood sugar monitoring, medication and possibly insulin, it's even more frustrating to know this can negatively affect the baby. Due to the extra insulin the baby's pancreas will make, he/she may have very low blood glucose levels at birth and is also at higher risk for breathing problems. This is not great, obviously. There are a lot of negative impacts of gestational diabetes and I'm just now starting to research and learn about it all. I'm hopeful if I can be diligent with my diet and exercise over the next two months, maybe I'll increase my chances of passing my glucose screening... maybe??

Anywho, here's a little pic of our guy/gal from our ultrasound last week. I'm just praying for God to keep His hand of protection on this sweet child!

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  1. I hope you pass ur test! I had GD with both pregnancies and i failed the test at 11 weeks with my second child! Doing a diet and checking sugars for THAT long was overwhelming!!! i did gain 30 lbs less tho! <3